Best Sci-fi/fantasy series ever.

Diogenes... Still looking. 2013/12/21 18:18:09
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For me, it was the Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny. What's your favorite? I'm looking for some new reading material. Help me out here.
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  • Jensola 2014/01/02 19:41:59
    supernatural sam and dean
    Of course!!!!
  • Sodaheaded 2013/12/22 18:50:55
  • NightRyder 2013/12/21 18:53:45
    I have the whole set of Amber Chronicles, and still read then every year or two. Have you read "The Dragon Riders of Pern" by Anne McCaffrey? Actually, McCaffrey has several works I like.
  • Diogene... NightRyder 2013/12/21 19:10:39
    Diogenes... Still looking.
    Read them all.
  • NightRyder Diogene... 2013/12/21 19:57:25 (edited)
    I figured that, they just don't have writers like they used to. I have the John Carter of Mars' eleven volumes by Burroughs, and several others that were written by Wells; you likely know the books I am talking about. Say, I just thought of a couple of books I have on tape. Have ever read or heard the books by Lois McMasters Bujold; "Barrayer" and "The Warrior's Apprentice"?
  • Diogene... NightRyder 2013/12/21 20:04:07
    Diogenes... Still looking.
    Read those too. And they do still have some awesome authors. Have you read the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher? I believe there are 14 novels out, with another due out soon. I highly recommend that you read them. I'm getting ready to start reading the entire series again. One of the best authors out there, IMHO. Read them. You won't regret it, and you might just thank me for it.

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