Barking Dog Man In "A Current Affair" Video

The barking dog man of "A Current Affair," an Australian news show, is an Australian man impersonating a ravenous pack of dogs during an interview. No words can express how awkward this barking man is, or how terrible I feel for his wife.

Here's the video of the barking dog man:

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  • firefoxgurl0 2010/04/25 01:31:23
    lol raywilliamjohnson did a thing on it!!!!
  • mihaela 2010/04/21 14:42:16
    I dont think the dog is scared not him !!!!!
  • Kishta 2010/04/21 12:46:43
    I wonder what he was in his previous birth....
  • Emoboys_fo_eva! 2010/04/18 20:16:21
    ra rwrarwrar rarwrarara! lol
  • Fr Kelsey Graham 2010/04/16 20:59:58
    Fr Kelsey Graham
    Ohh come on now- is it bad to be animated? Or is that not politically correct nowdays? I thought I was really in for something here and the man was just making his point.........
  • suzann 2010/04/16 13:42:08
    its hilarious looking at the wife's face... ahaha
  • nikkie276 2010/04/16 09:03:50
    its really awkward...
  • The toy soldgier 2010/04/15 22:39:50
    The toy soldgier
    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... thats scary
  • democraticdiva 2010/04/15 18:10:05
    Oh, he's probably a lot of fun at the annual block party. Just keep him away from the treats!

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