At 62, Cher wears see-through clothing. Is 62 too old to dress sexy?

Ellen 2009/05/11 23:43:20
Yes, Cher is too old at 62, to dress sexy.
No, Cher is not to old at 62, to dress sexy.
I think Cher...
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Singer Cher decided to take a spin through memory lane at her Vegas show in a sheer black bodysuit she wore 20 years ago in a music video. Seems like Cher had to do extra crunches to slap that spandex back on. At 62, is Cher too old to dress sexy?
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  • 7leads 2009/05/12 00:18:30
    I think Cher...
    I have come use to seeing Cher do her thing. Anybody else I would say I was against it. But Cher has a history of it, so it isn't like she is doing it for attention. Got to love her for her open expression....On another level, if a 62 year old woman thinks she looks good enough to go to the beach with little on...I could care less..but I would hope she could present herself in the right outfit.

    expression level 62 year woman thinks beach care hope outfit
  • Georgie... 7leads 2009/05/12 04:51:12
    Georgie's Girl
    I do not see Cher in this picture... Looks like Gina Lollobridgida to me... Another good looking older woman (would you believe 79?)

    cher picture gina lollobridgida older woman 79
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2009/05/12 00:13:41 (edited)
    No, Cher is not to old at 62, to dress sexy.
    luigi1- in god we trust
    look at tina turner. she still looks great. cher 62 dress sexy tina turner

    if i had a great grandma like this, i'd be over her house all the time.
  • JinFizz 2009/05/12 00:12:01
    No, Cher is not to old at 62, to dress sexy.
    Absolutely, she has a great body and can wear anything she wants. She looks great!
  • TiffanyBelle 2009/05/12 00:11:50
    No, Cher is not to old at 62, to dress sexy.
    sexy is a state of mind... being confident.... loving yourself... and like beauty "in the eye of the beholder".

    Cher is still sexy and beautiful.
    She takes great care of herself and can do what she wants... you don't have to like it :-)

    Most 62 year-old women should probably not dress this way (nor would they want to) but Cher and very few others are the exception to this rule!!!
    ROCK ON CHER... get down w/ your sexy self for as long as you can.
    62 year-old women dress cher exception rule rock cher sexy
  • Mr. Basket 2009/05/12 00:08:11
    I think Cher...
    Mr. Basket
    ..is a GMILF
  • Riahlennlove. 2009/05/11 23:59:41
    I think Cher...
    looks damn sexy and if she can rock it she can wear it.
  • SuperCee 2009/05/11 23:58:02
    I think Cher...
    can do what she wants! If she got it and still look good then what's the problem. cher
  • lilred922 2009/05/11 23:56:41
    Yes, Cher is too old at 62, to dress sexy.
    srry no offense but uhh, she really needs 2 think about what she is wearing and how she looks at age 62. I would do the same. if i was 62, i would wear comfty clothes and just forget about it. there ain't no point in trying to look sexy when ur really not that sexy as u think u r.
  • cestmon... lilred922 2009/09/11 19:19:06
    You have no idea what you will do or how you will feel when you're sixy-two. If you had a great body, which is possible at 62, you may not want to go all granny with your outfits. What's the point in not living fully the way you want when it's you one and only life?

    I'll bet by the time you're 62 most 62 year olds will look a lot younger and consequently feel younger and not want to be a drab old lady type.
  • bye 2009/05/11 23:52:09
  • Reverend Muerte 2009/05/11 23:51:30 (edited)
    No, Cher is not to old at 62, to dress sexy.
    Reverend Muerte
    *Sorry, meant to vote yes* Not to be mean but I think it's time to face the music, she's past her expiration date. Not saying she isn't a classy woman but you gotta draw the line somewhere. She should've stopped dressing like that at 50 or even earlier.
  • Lou 2009/05/11 23:47:40
    No, Cher is not to old at 62, to dress sexy.
    Anyone who looks as good as Cher does at 62, should be able to dress any way she chooses. She is still a beautiful, classy, and talented lady and is as good as it gets.
  • Colbert 2009/05/11 23:47:00
    Yes, Cher is too old at 62, to dress sexy.
  • Jessica... Colbert 2009/05/12 01:34:38
    EWWWW where did you even find that!?
  • Georgie... Colbert 2009/05/12 04:58:25
    Georgie's Girl
    If Cher looked like that, I would say she is WAY toooooo old to dress in her sexy clothes! That pic deserves an Ewwwwwwwww!

    cher looked toooooo dress sexy clothes pic deserves ewwwwwwwww
  • Colbert Georgie... 2009/05/12 05:02:32
  • iyamacog Colbert 2009/05/12 19:27:33
    OMG, Excuse me, I'm gonna gaze at this some more. It makes me feel simply ravishing! LOLOLOL
  • Colbert iyamacog 2009/05/12 19:36:17
    Have you seen that movie? They probe it and have to censor it! LMAO!
  • iyamacog Colbert 2009/05/12 19:39:33
    Actually I was referring to the 3rd pic up......That "stunning" ole lady w/the "almost" thong. Ya made my day with that one!
  • Colbert iyamacog 2009/05/12 19:46:31
    Sure. People are more than just physical beings. Although we are still physical beings too.
  • party guy 2009/05/11 23:46:20
    Yes, Cher is too old at 62, to dress sexy.
    party guy
    young hot chicks should wear see-through clothing not old ugly ladys
  • cestmon... party guy 2009/09/11 19:21:54
    I think attractive women with great bodies should wear see-through clothing, whatever age they are and that women with gross bodies whatever their age should cover that sh*t up.

    Cher is not an old ugly lady. She is a very attractive mature woman with a nice body.

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