Ashton Kutcher Punk'd On Superman Audition

Film 2010/06/21 20:20:50
Ashton Kutcher, Man of Steel?

In a casting proposal nearly as plausible as Kim Kardashian playing Mother Teresa, Ashton Kutcher was once asked to audition for the role of Superman.

Hey, while we’re at it, let’s see if Justin Bieber is available for the reboot of “The Incredible Hulk.”

During a press junket for “The Killers,” Kutcher’s latest box-office bomb, the lanky, goofy actor revealed that he once donned the iconic suit to do a screen test for “Superman Returns.” The project went on to be directed by Bryan Singer, but at the time was under the supervision of Brett Ratner.

“I wore the Superman suit. I did a screen test in the Superman suit,” said Kutcher. “There is (footage of my audition out there) with Keri Russell, who was reading Lois (Lane). There’s me in a Clark Kent outfit, and then there’s me in a Superman outfit.”

Even Kutcher himself admits the part “did not feel right....I was like a rail with fake muscles.”

In the interview, he goes on to claim that he could however play the role of He-Man. Presumably to prove it, Kutcher then launches into a deep-voiced, impromptu impersonation of the comic book character.


What comic book character could Ashton Kutcher play?
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  • Alan_Scott 2010/06/27 01:11:48
    Can't top the Jughead idea. That is perfect.
  • FRED TRAVALENA 2010/06/22 00:03:03
    superman starring ashton kutcher? dude where's my refund?
  • Lifeless 2010/06/21 23:46:25
    Ya lets make justin bieber the next hulk lol ya justin bieber hulk lol
  • Lifeless Lifeless 2010/06/21 23:47:46
    btw his arms aren't really that big i used photoshop to make them bigger heres the original image btw arms photoshop bigger image
  • captkirk999 2010/06/21 23:06:30
  • Sugarbear 2010/06/21 23:04:05
    How many victims has Ashton Krutcher made on the show "Punked"? Got a little taste of his own medicine, I'm afraid. Sauce for the goose. He might make a great Captain America action hero?
  • nancydoodle 2010/06/21 22:48:54
    lol I just imagined him in that spandex suit and cape and it cracks me up lol he's too funny to play that role.
  • HPManiac123 2010/06/21 22:47:29
    I would like to see him in a superhero movie, but I don't think a muscle-bound superhero is the best idea. Maybe someone whose abilities are more for speed then strength or they are a pranksters. I'm not sure who, I'm not really interested in reading comics.
  • Legion 2010/06/21 22:22:04
    Yeah, Jughead. Heard him railing against drilling in the gulf. But the dumb ass drives a supersized gas guzzling SUV with a 75 gallon gas tank. How does he figure to fill it up? Go back to a 70's show remake -dumbass.
  • Bett17 2010/06/21 21:29:27
    Robin, obviously! XD robin xd
  • lauren dull 2010/06/21 21:26:20
    lauren dull
    Not really a comic book person, but for Ashton ,well,I am old but he makes me wish I were young again ,I think he is the best looking guy in Hollywood, a real hottie!!!
  • Solid Snake 2010/06/21 21:22:15
    Solid Snake

    Kyle Ragner green lantern
  • captkir... Solid S... 2010/06/21 23:06:53
    spell Rayner right
  • Alan_Scott Solid S... 2010/06/27 01:11:04
    That clown couldn't hold Kyle's boots.
  • Solid S... Alan_Scott 2011/10/11 01:21:35
    Solid Snake
    well ryan reynolds is a clown and he managed to do well ryan reynolds clown managed
  • hook 2010/06/21 21:06:25
  • stahlnacht 2010/06/21 20:40:33
    I'll agree with the first post.
  • Crystal Chan Deliers 2010/06/21 20:28:39
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    maybe Archie archie
  • k clark Crystal... 2010/06/21 22:22:19
    k clark
    He would be better as a Jug head jug head
  • Crystal... k clark 2010/06/21 23:46:19
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    yeah but he is kind of a ladies man... :))

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