Art is a lie that tells the truth, what does that mean?

annadori1 2008/11/28 07:16:34
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  • Leo1903 2012/02/17 06:01:58
    None of the above
    I thought the meaning was obvious and so didn't require opinions. When Picasso said that that 'art was a lie', it is exactly that...art is an illusion, including that of depth and form (as it pertains to 2 dimensional painting), were none exists except to the viewers tricked perception. It 'tells the truth' because the created image 'steps out of the lie' and shows things the way they really are or at least gives an inkling of the artists perception.
  • kyle 2011/06/20 12:45:18
    None of the above
    by makeing something that "is a lie" something that isn't real, couldn't be real, is changed from what is real " the truth you can underline feals, emotions, expresstions or what is realy going on in real life, if you drew a picture of a person who acts happy sad your showing that there actually sad deep down inside, but it's a lie because they dont show there sad so it's not the way it is in real life, but it brings you closer to the truth because then you relize that they could be sad and not be showing it
  • Goddessgia 2009/04/26 20:30:56
    i think...
    It means the same as this:

    It says "This is not a pipe"
  • Bring it ~STS~Freewill Dirt... 2009/01/28 04:39:22
    i think...
    Bring it ~STS~Freewill Dirty Pheonix
    Depends on who Art is..Is he a close friend? Or just an aquaintance..
  • Roundabout ~ Pepe is my soc... 2009/01/27 23:50:45
    i think...
    Roundabout ~ Pepe is my sock puppet
    Art is not the real thing but brings out a certain meaning or truth about the "real" subject.
    Certainly no one looks like this but it suggests the human action of self reflection.

    art real brings meaning truth real subject human action reflection
  • Roundab... 2012/10/31 00:37:04
    nice explanation
  • oldguy 2009/01/27 02:11:53
    None of the above
    Absolutely nothing!
  • NZArkie08: In God We Trust. 2009/01/26 17:56:42
    i think...
    NZArkie08:  In God We Trust.
    Art is an expression of the artists interests, joys, truths, politics, religious beliefs! It starts off in the artists imagination, and grows into his/her truth.
  • Jim 2009/01/25 19:26:21
    i think...
    I think it means someone is confused. Truth never comes by way of a lie for it infects the truth and it is therefore no longer entirely true.
  • Kelly~Saved "In God We Trust" 2009/01/25 19:10:57 (edited)
    i think...
    Kelly~Saved "In God We Trust"
    Hmmm......I love this question annadori! It shows that you are a deep thinker and are very curious....I love that :)

    I am going to guess that it means that when you look at a piece of art, let's say a painting, that you immediately interpret it to mean one thing. If you study it and look deeper into it, then the true meaning of what the artist is trying to portray shines through. Many times it is telling a completely different story than which we first interpreted it to be.

    It is kind of like people. When you look at them we tend to assume what they are like, but when we get to know them the truth of who they really are comes out.

    Also, if you have ever noticed that when people lie, somewhere in that lie you'll find even the smallest glimmer of the truth!
  • Different ♥ 2009/01/25 16:58:37
    Different  ♥
    I have not heard this saying before. Where did you hear it?
  • amandaj... Differe... 2012/12/09 19:23:30
    It is a famous quote from Picasso.
  • Harley † American 2009/01/25 16:23:02
    i think...
    Harley  †  American
    It could maybe mean, the lie of the artist is made true through his art, I really don't know .
  • Jwalden --- Constitution Party 2009/01/25 14:30:23
    i think...
    Jwalden --- Constitution Party
    Art is a 'method of communication'. In communicating through art, opinions and lessons can be relayed in most any manner; and interpreted in many avenues of thought. Some more directly, some very vaguely.
  • troy82 - Christ is returnin... 2009/01/25 14:11:00
    i think...
    troy82 - Christ is returning, Today!
    a fictitious preacher named "Art" proclaiming God's word[ truth ] !....?
    Therefore, a cartoon of a preaching preacher, drawn by an atheist, may fit this statement.
  • Kelly~S... troy82 ... 2009/01/25 19:14:43
    Kelly~Saved "In God We Trust"
    great thinking and so true!
  • ¡Fantastico! 2008/11/28 08:52:13
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2008/11/28 08:26:40
    sd *TROUBLE*
    no clue what so ever....
  • Sammy the Hatchet 2008/11/28 07:34:04
    Sammy the Hatchet
    Do you think it is only an auctioneer who can equally and impartially admire all schools of art? OW thought so.....
  • Turtle72 2008/11/28 07:33:08
    i think...
    It means that you paint or draw or whatever your use of art is something FAKE, but their is a meaning behind it that is true. For instance The Scream No way is there something like that for real. Its fake, but people could take it as stress or something else that just makes you want to scream your head off. Its all in how you see things.
  • NZArkie... Turtle72 2009/01/26 17:58:54
    NZArkie08:  In God We Trust.
    Good explanation Turtle! :o)
  • Turtle72 NZArkie... 2009/01/26 18:00:05
    Thank You
  • NZArkie... Turtle72 2009/01/26 18:03:42
    NZArkie08:  In God We Trust.
    You are welcome! :o)

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