Arizona Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Who will win Super Bowl XLIII?

SodaHead Sports 2009/01/19 18:48:58
Pittsburgh Steelers
Arizona Cardinals
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The Pittsburgh Steelers know all about the Super Bowl, having made six previous appearances and won five titles. The Arizona Cardinals are new to the big stage, but they've won three playoff games in decisive fashion to reach Tampa. Which team will you be betting for to win Super Bowl XLIII on Feb. 1st?

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  • Alyssa 2009/01/21 01:39:23
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Here we go, Steelers, Here we go!!!
  • lady bear 2009/01/21 00:53:17
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    lady bear
    Born and raised a Steeler fan Still have my original terrible towel, wouldn't find me picking anyone else for a win. This is our start of the 2nd hand for rings. GO STEELERS.!!!!!!!!! steeler fan terrible towel picking win 2nd hand rings steelers
  • sam 2009/01/21 00:14:35
    Arizona Cardinals
    The Steelers beat my team, the ravens, and they will pay for it!
  • Irons 2009/01/20 23:10:27
    Arizona Cardinals
    I would enjoy seeing a new superbowl champion.......
  • Emily 2009/01/20 23:02:42
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    They don't even have to play a game we all know whos gonna win. No doubt about it.
    Pittsburgh Steelers they rock and everyone knows it
  • Frank 2009/01/20 19:06:30
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    The Pittsburg defense is to good for the Cardinals, and will styme them throughout the game. I predict score will be Pittsburg 24, Cardinals 10. Although secretly I will be pulling for Cardinals.
  • Obamasuxsdck 2009/01/20 18:41:30
  • agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil* 2009/01/20 17:57:44
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    All the way baby!!! We already have enough bowl rings for one hand, now we have to start working on the other hand!! Here to set the record for most Superbowl wins in history!!

    baby bowl rings hand working hand record superbowl wins history
  • Sandy 2009/01/20 16:27:09
    Arizona Cardinals
    I'm rooting for Arizona.... just cause my husband is from there... : D
  • Isabel-Publius 2009/01/20 13:23:14
  • Kari 2009/01/20 09:33:23
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    I think Pittsburgh will win, but I wish that Arizona would win.
  • SageBrush 2009/01/20 06:06:25 (edited)
    Arizona Cardinals
  • BenSundown 2009/01/20 06:00:02
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    This is just a gut feeling. I tend to root for Pittsburgh teams.
  • Cadet 1st Lt.Hall <3 2009/01/20 05:40:45
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Cadet 1st Lt.Hall <3
  • GopGuy 2009/01/20 03:50:42
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    For all steelers doubters out there two words Troy Polamalu

    Steelers will eat the birds up

    Pittsburgh Steelers will win!!!!! Way to go Steelers
  • lady bear GopGuy 2009/01/21 00:55:48
  • Anthony 2009/01/20 03:49:45
    Arizona Cardinals
    Being from Australia, to see an Aussie play in the Superbowl is awesome.
    Ben Graham (used to play Australian Football) is the punter for the Cardinals, so I'll be supporting them.
  • MkB Anthony 2009/01/31 10:02:55
    Good choice. ;)
  • Axl Snaks 2009/01/20 03:20:33
  • Emily Axl Snaks 2009/01/20 23:08:08
    Ya tell me this how can they possibly cheat when there is people watching their every move and cameras everywear and im sure if they cheated someone would have caught them so think about that now, it makes no sense at all. Arizona is goin down, Pittsburgh another win.
  • Axl Snaks Emily 2009/01/22 02:17:56
  • wickedc... Axl Snaks 2009/01/21 03:33:27
    What kind of cheating do you have record of? I wasn't there to see it???
  • Axl Snaks wickedc... 2009/01/22 02:17:50
  • Spider20 2009/01/20 03:17:41
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Have to give the edge to the Steelers......
  • Matt 2009/01/20 03:11:30 (edited)
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    I've been suffering with the Browns for about 50 yrs. now. I finally moved to Tennessee and have a semi good football team. I learned to hate the Steelers with good reason. I think that they will prevail.
  • Jessica... Matt 2009/01/20 03:17:00
    Jessica Rose
    haha. i hopeee.
  • isaac 2009/01/20 03:06:51
    Arizona Cardinals
    i guess, neither of them deserve it.
  • Jessica... isaac 2009/01/20 03:17:17
    Jessica Rose
    true thattt... haha. rave for rave?
  • Bob isaac 2009/01/25 04:26:29
    are u serious, your an idiot, how do they not deserve it they were the 2 best teams and usually thats how u make Super bowl duhhh, and for the record cards all the way
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    Warner will be sacked a minimum of five times. and throw at least two interceptions.
  • Bob Jerry (... 2009/01/25 04:29:55
    once again another idiot, look at your precious big ben how many time did he get sacked and get happy feetf from being a wuss and just toss the ball up for grabs to who ever instead of throwing it away, we will see who wants it more seenig how the cards aint been in 60 years.
  • Tamm 2009/01/20 02:41:20
    Pittsburgh Steelers
  • kingofnothing 2009/01/20 01:50:39
    Pittsburgh Steelers
  • looneysinger 2009/01/20 01:50:14
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    i say the steelers! my brother said to me the cardinals. i pick the steelers! pittsburgh steelers steelers brother cardinals steelers GO STEELERS!
  • Bob looneys... 2009/01/25 04:30:38
    your brother is right
  • Skullcrusher 2009/01/20 01:27:44
  • hmjtrj-searching for truth 2009/01/20 01:17:56
    Arizona Cardinals
    hmjtrj-searching for truth
    Love Kurt since he was with the Rams. Now he can show them what they missed by counting him out. arizona cardinals love kurt rams missed counting
  • kitkat42 2009/01/20 00:47:06
    Arizona Cardinals
    Hey, I always go for the underdog...... plus this is my hometown team and they've been waiting a long time for this opportunity. GO CARDINALS

    arizona cardinals hey underdog hometown team waiting opportunity cardinals
  • Whitese7en "by JESUS blood ... 2009/01/20 00:46:28
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Whitese7en "by JESUS blood I am redeemed"
    pittsburgh steelers

    by 21 points.
  • gg 2009/01/20 00:14:04
    Pittsburgh Steelers

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