Are you thrilled about New Television Shows Excite on CBS.

BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/05/17 14:26:47
Yes, I can't wait
NO, I'm still mad about losseing the shows I liked.
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BS network is promising some exciting new television shows for Fall 2012. They better be right given that CSI: Miami fans are still hopping mad because their show got cancelled to make room for newbies. What are the new shows all about? Take a look and see.

2012 thatnbsp csi miami nbspfans hopping mad cancelled room newbiesElementary

The infamous detective gets an interesting reboot in the hands of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Miller plays the somewhat unsociable sleuth while Liu covers the role of the somber Dr. Watson. Set in New York, not London, this Sherlock Holmes is a sometimes recovering alcoholic who needs Watson's medical advice as much as her companionship and extra pair of eyes. Aidan Quinn rounds out the cast as the one police officer Holmes comes to trust.


One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush landed this new gig with former Ugly Betty star, Michael Urie. The show also stars David Krumholtz as Bush's fiancée and Urie's business partner, along with Brandon Routh as Urie's life partner. If it sounds complicated and tangled, that's because it is. The show comes from the creators of long-time hit, Will & Grace. But that also means it could be lots of fun. CBS is counting on it to help balance out their sitcom roster.


Dennis Quaid jumps to TV in the '60s set drama, Vegas. Quaid plays a former rodeo star who's turned sheriff in hopes of bringing down the mob. The show's based on the true story of lawman Robert Lamb, Michael Chiklis plays the mob boss Quaid most wants to bust. Carrie Ann Moss and Jason O'Mara round out the crew.

Made in Jersey

Kyle MacLachlan of Sex and the City and Janet Montgomery of Human Target star in this show about a young lawyer who lands a job in Manhattan. Once there, she uses her street smarts to offer her clients with the best representation money can buy. Stephanie March and Donna Murphy co-star.

The chances for success of these shows varies. Elementary will need solid plots and excellent writing to get Arthur Conan Doyle fans to accept the new gender bending version of Sherlock Holmes. So far, the idea isn't settling well with the masses. This could be another British masterpiece that America manages to ruin.

Partners hinges on the writing and chemistry between the key actors. Those are the things that made Will & Grace a phenomenon in its time. If they're not in place, this one could bomb, big time.

Vegas certainly has star power in its favor. Also, everything retro is back in; especially the '50s and '60s. If Quaid and Chiklis can bring their A-games to this show and, if the writing is crisp and tight, this drama just might work. Plus, who doesn't want to see a cowboy back on TV?

Made in Jersey sounds a bit lame and Montgomery isn't well-known in television. However, MacLachlan is. With good, solid plots and proper direction, it's possible this one can survive. But the bets are against it.

Take a look at trailers for the new television shows here and watch for news about show première dates and times.

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  • apostate 2012/05/17 16:25:54
    Apart from David Letterman and Craig Ferguson shows I can't think of a show produced by CBS that I might have watched. I'm sure there were a few but as an Australian our channels buy the rights and so on.
  • BIG BAD... apostate 2012/05/17 17:29:22
    WOW, OK, Do you like family cop show check out Blue Bloods.
    So what is Television shows like in Australia.
    Do you have cable and satellite with Direct TV and ATT Uverise
    Do you have HD and how is it?
    How many channel do you have?

    I had a physical therapist from Australia, she was great, and someday I would like to viste your country, From what limited I have seen it is beautiful. John Wayne
  • compufreek 2012/05/17 14:40:44
    I think the only CBS show I watch is Hawaii Five O. CSI: The original, on occasion.
  • BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/05/17 14:28:33
    NO, I'm still mad about losseing the shows I liked.
    I'm one of the ones that is; CSI: Miami fans are still hopping mad because their show got cancelled to make room for newbies. What are the new shows all about? CSI Miami
  • apostate BIG BAD... 2012/05/17 16:22:39
    I'm an avid CSI Miami fan for a different reason... David Caruso's signature stare.

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