Are You Excited For a New Jimi Hendrix Album in 2013?

Fergie 2012/11/21 19:20:19
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Jimi Hendrix fans mark your calendars -- on March 5th 2013 a new Hendrix album titled "People, Hell and Angels" will be released in the US. In 1968 and 1969 (before his death in 1970) the iconic guitarist recorded the songs for a follow-up to "Electric Ladyland," and for decades they remained untouched and unreleased.

According to NME, "tracks on the record apparently feature Hendrix experimenting with horns, keyboards, percussion and a second guitar." Are you excited to hear "People, Hell and Angels", or will you stick with the Jimi tracks you know and love?

NME.COM reports:
'People, Hell And Angels' will feature previously unreleased recordings from 1968-69
nme reports people angels feature unreleased recordings 1968-69

Read More: http://www.nme.com/news/jimi-hendrix/67315

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  • AdLib 2012/11/22 03:24:18
    Love to hear it. I was fortunate enough to see him (up close) in May of '69. Wow!

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    hendrix san diego sports arena

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  • JPS 2012/12/03 04:53:35
    If the quality of the recordings is as poor as most of the previous posthumous releases of JH's music.
  • Dave 007 2012/12/02 15:58:52
    Dave 007
    Where do people find all this old stuff? And why has it been hidden so long? Or should I say anything for a buck.
  • claona 2012/11/29 14:40:11
    Sounds like another cash in...if Jimi did not release them in his lifetime... maybe, just maybe he did not want them released.... painters can destroy their drafts or finished works that disapoint them...musicians are faced with opportunists searching through the bins of their product to make an easy buck!
  • fightingquip 2012/11/29 13:24:00
    I was. Back in '69
  • HipJipC 2012/11/28 00:18:47
  • exhon2009 2012/11/27 17:33:10
    But my son would be.
  • Avi Rosen 2012/11/27 14:45:11
    Avi Rosen
    Didn't like him too much...
  • skoy 2012/11/27 11:36:57
    Yes, I'm very interested in hearing his "new" music as a taste of what might have been had he survived. I will, of course, still listen to what we've heard already. I could have seen him at the Fillmore East at the New Year's Eve show when he recorded the Band of Gypsies album but, UNFORTUNATELY passed on it. Peace Jimi!
  • eric winters 2012/11/27 11:02:56
    eric winters
    should be interesting
  • andrea 2012/11/27 06:24:21
    I was there. His music was unreal when it hit. It was compelling, grabbing, it rocked your soul. You could feel his genius. It was papable and you just rocked with it. Even while driving/you need to listen if you haven't. It's on my to-get list.
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/11/27 05:19:02
    I would like to hear them, but excited, Not really
  • madsam 2012/11/27 04:49:14
    He is dead. let him go... Along with the beetles..
  • claona madsam 2012/11/29 14:36:06
    beetles you been drinking? Beatles... music has a life pulse going back to the dawn of time..Mozart, Chopin, Strauss, Coltrane, Bowie, Dylan, and so on and so forth... ignoring the musical heritage of the past is like being deaf or only having one ear... you are missing out on so much .. maybe you just like Justin Bieber? Don't worry ..you will grow up one day. (Hopefully)
  • Lee 2012/11/27 03:13:00
    I'd be excited if he were alive and making it himself..
  • skoy Lee 2012/11/27 12:16:30
    He did make it himself. It just hasn't been released to the public yet.
  • Adam Dodge 2012/11/27 02:32:05
    Adam Dodge
    He's the guitar god. When you can put Slash's guitar skills to shame, that's how you know you're worth listening to.
  • John T. 2012/11/27 02:21:14
    John T.
    When Jimmy was alive many thought him a communist or worse. What he was was a Viet Nam veteran member of the 101st Airborne.
  • Calvin Harris ✌ 2012/11/27 01:17:12
    Calvin Harris ✌
    No, other people will be getting fed money from his record.
  • stevmackey 2012/11/27 00:13:34
    He is dead and gone. He will not receive the money.
  • rosebud 2012/11/27 00:13:27
    Hendrix died in 1970. Not too sure how this album could be full of new music and since he won't be performing it himself in a recording studio this must be a bunch of old recordings cobbled together.
  • skoy rosebud 2012/11/27 12:17:42
    It is music that he himself recorded in a studio but just hasn't been released before now.
  • rosebud skoy 2012/11/27 23:38:10
    Thanks for the info.
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2012/11/27 00:06:20
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    I would love to hear this. Jimi was a master at the guitar. A true revolutionary.
  • piscespoet 2012/11/26 22:38:28
    Hendrix is to rock what Miles Davis is to jazz, so I'm always interested in any new material that surfaces.
  • huttyputt 2012/11/26 22:01:26
    I am very much looking forward to hearing it.
  • P. Sturm 2012/11/26 21:53:49
    P. Sturm
  • El Prez 2012/11/26 21:42:16
    El Prez
    A great musician. it will be interesting to see the direction he was taking. However, he is the past and we need to look to our younger musicians for freshness and exploration. There is too much copying and derivation music. Encourage the experimenters!!
  • mpurkays 2012/11/26 21:31:16
    Don't understand any of the critical comments here. If you didn't know who he was, don't worry about it! Let the fans enjoy!!
  • Michael 2012/11/26 21:00:44
    I can't wait! Loooove me some jimi! His best posthumous album so far is New Rays of the Rising Sun in my opinion
  • nicesteve 2012/11/26 20:42:44
    It's been more than thirty years since his tragic death in London, and Noel Redding, his
    bassist, and Mitch Mitchell, his drummer, have both since also passed along. It should
    be an interesting album to be released post humusly regarding that entire group.
  • alun.palmer 2012/11/26 20:41:49
    Even though this will be gazillionth record of his made from tapes someone found long after his death
  • adeenmckenziekennedy 2012/11/26 19:58:25
  • arsisi 2012/11/26 19:56:47
    Although the Hendrix family has been pumping out product at a steady rate, at least it is from a guitar genius who was light years ahead of most. There is nobody like him today. Yeah, maybe some can outplay him technically, but overall nobody can touch him.
  • disclaimer 2012/11/26 19:53:22
    Jimi Hendrix died well before his time and we didn't get the full benefit of his talent. At least we can have a little more of it now.
  • dear•LT13☻ 2012/11/26 19:52:14
    as long as it's all original
  • Robert Strobel 2012/11/26 19:24:58
    Robert Strobel
    Purple Haze all in my brain.
  • Ashley 2012/11/26 18:35:53
    I do not know who he is
  • fatanky Ashley 2012/11/26 19:23:07
    I'm sad for you!
  • alun.pa... Ashley 2012/11/26 20:53:12
    He was half African American and half Native American (Sioux), from the NW of the US (Seattle, I think?), served as a paratrooper in Vietnam, started playing with Black R&B bands and later started his own Progressive Rock band in the 70s, discovered in the UK by a British producer (Chas someone?). Died early of either drug overdose or accidental electrocution while playing his guitar (who knows which story is true?). Had a unique style of playing, and very few people are even good enough to be able to play some of his tunes on guitar. Much better guitarist than Eric Clapton, for example. Some would say better than anyone who ever lived, although difficult to compare with Segovia, the classical guitarist. OTOH, not everything he recorded was a gem, and since his death probably more albums have been released than when he was alive, basically every time someone finds a tape that didn't become an album, it does! Some of them probably shouldn't be, but they are always interesting to his fans.
  • alun.pa... alun.pa... 2012/11/26 20:57:59
    If you haven't heard him, you may have heard covers of Angel, which is one of his tunes. Rod Stewart covered it long ago, but a woman singer (?) covered it quite recently.
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