Are you an active Facebook user? Has it helped or hurt your life?

Dyanna 2011/12/21 04:39:38
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  • Nish 2011/12/24 11:44:37 (edited)
    I don't like facebook. i have a account.but sometimes i didn't log to it.it is only time waster.it is not helped me anyway.but i found few my all friends from fb. but i love sodahead than facebook.
  • Charmedtears♥ 2011/12/21 08:07:53 (edited)
    Yes, it has not differed my life very much.
  • Got bored - Left. Bye. 2011/12/21 05:03:25
    Got bored - Left. Bye.
    I have a Facebook, but I'm rarely on there. I signed in yesterday and discovered a message someone sent me (asking for my mailing address, for X-Mas cards) from 10 days ago. major "oops" on my part.
  • ✩Batman's✩Epic✩Understudy✩
    Yes. I think it's a waste of my time
  • Dyanna ✩Batman... 2011/12/21 04:50:24
    Then why are you a user?
  • ✩Batman... Dyanna 2011/12/21 19:01:02
    Because it's so addicting! Hahahah.
  • Dyanna ✩Batman... 2011/12/21 19:49:34
    I agree!
  • Dyanna 2011/12/21 04:41:53
    I am an active user... I think its awesome how I've been able to reconnect with friends that I've lost contact with, and no, I am not friends with those I wasn't friends with in school. If I didn't like them then, there had to be a good reason!

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