Are Video Games Art? (MoMA Thinks So)

Gaming 2012/12/09 23:41:54
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The Museum of Modern Art recently announced that they have acquired 14 video games and plan to add more to this new category of their art collection. This initial group, which will be installed in the Museum’s Philip Johnson Galleries in March 2013, includes Pac-Man, Tetris, Another World, Myst, SimCity 2000, vib-ribbon, The Sims, Katamari Damacy, EVE Online, Dwarf Fortress, Portal, flow, Passage, and Canabalt. But are video games really art? MoMA sure thinks so.

In a recent blog post, Paola Antonelli, MoMA’s Senior Curator for the Department of Architecture and Design, explained: “As with all other design objects in MoMA’s collection, from posters to chairs to cars to fonts, curators seek a combination of historical and cultural relevance, aesthetic expression, functional and structural soundness, innovative approaches to technology and behavior, and a successful synthesis of materials and techniques in achieving the goal set by the initial program. This is as true for a stool or a helicopter as it is for an interface or a video game, in which the programming language takes the place of the wood or plastics, and the quality of the interaction translates in the digital world what the synthesis of form and function represent in the physical one.”

Because the art of video games is often only visible through interaction, MoMA is considering a number of creative display options. Some games will be made playable in their entirety while others will be shown through demos, interactive displays, and guided tours. Over the next few years, MoMA also hopes to acquire Spacewar!, an assortment of games for the Magnavox Odyssey console, Pong, Snake, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Zork, Tempest, Donkey Kong, Yars’ Revenge, M.U.L.E., Core War, Marble Madness, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, NetHack, Street Fighter II, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario 64, Grim Fandango, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft.

Read More: http://www.moma.org/explore/inside_out/2012/11/29/...

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  • zabbyfig 2013/06/11 14:47:24
    its just all creative and beautiful!! video gameing sceans video gameing sceans video gameing sceans
  • Faye 2013/06/10 02:12:30
    That is the way that I look at them--because I just don't play....The scenes and the characters can be so beautiful-so moving!
  • Jimm 2013/05/22 15:49:37
    Absolutely! Maybe the early stuff seems primitive, but even primitive paintings have a value. And, some of the newer artistry is amazing, and the writing is intense. So, yeah, I think some of them definitely qualify as "art" and even as "modern literature".
  • Hakking 2013/02/07 20:05:06
  • ᗩda 乂 Hakking 2013/02/08 00:10:23
    ᗩda 乂
    Rumour has it that cut-scenes are called cut-scenes because there's actually a game you can play in between all that epic cinematic stuff. 乂°◡^乂
  • Hakking ᗩda 乂 2013/02/08 13:17:48
  • DizzyDezzi 2013/01/20 04:07:32
    Well, I guess it's a type of art if you think about it.
  • Party Boy [A7X Bat] 2013/01/19 03:52:03
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    I would add The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Gears of War 3 to that list. Gears of War 3 has some of the best art I've seen in a video game, and while Skyward Sword wasn't based around realism, it's definitely artistic.
  • Hakking Party B... 2013/02/07 20:06:03
  • Taylor 2013/01/18 15:24:30
    Are movies art? Take that society!
  • Nick Perry 2013/01/18 09:11:43
    Nick Perry
    most games arent...but like any form of expression or media form it has its pieces of art....they even talked about Minecraft being art...which i believe it is...both for the artists who create beautiful things in Minecraft but also because its a simple straight forward game...either about survival or creativity....in some chases people make it about both
  • StanK 2013/01/17 07:28:30
    There are some awesome looking ones out there. Though it does bug me when people mistake good graphics for art.
  • dragonflygecko 2013/01/17 02:58:47
    it takes lots of work and creativity to create a game , there is art and mechanics and most games have a story line just like movies . I love games and the creators of games are amazing , I always wished I could do something so incredible.
  • Aran Smeallie 2013/01/14 19:22:49
  • justianusenjohnarthutwayneb... 2013/01/12 02:35:06
    why not
  • Benjamin 2013/01/12 00:59:29
    They are art. It depends only on your passion for creating games, especially for the design of the game. Actually you can make art out of everything.
  • Lady Aiyanna 2013/01/11 15:32:57
    Lady Aiyanna
    To make a good game essentially takes about 7 years if using a new gaming platform and this means that you have to reconstruct both the frontend and the backend attributes of the game to be able to create the version that is played. The platform used is seats and the types of screens used could be 3D featured which takes a lot of programming and recreating of 2D characters into 3D by attaching bones to them. This is what is used in the present day and age of cartoon and gaming.
    The biggest hassle of this is the weight as they are extremely heavy files and as aresult many of the games need the Disc placed in the drive to be able to play the game rather than just downloading the whole lot of it to the hard disk. This is done more to save disk space.
    The programming used in online gaming is less than perfect wherein the images are more rougher as speed is of the essence in such games.
    With regard to scriptwriters, like myself, we have to create storylines based on the trend and it has to be very different and unique to bring about an audience that would buy it apart from the regular diehard fans.
    These games also contain secret levels and code cracking skills only known to the professional gamer.
    The game is created by combining scripts, storylines, imagery etc. which are conducive to the gaming seats that are used from a third party company, so the answer is, yes, games are extremely creative....
  • bigbear1293 2013/01/11 14:17:18
    Yes, they are art in the same way an animated film is. Can we get over this already????
  • craptonian 2013/01/11 13:57:39
    compare skyrim to modern art....
  • Vic 2013/01/07 13:15:09
    yes, I think it is.
  • ᗩda 乂 2013/01/05 20:04:23
    ᗩda 乂
    Pac-Man, Tetris, were the hell is Space Invaders!!!
  • ben.agar1 2013/01/04 09:18:54 (edited)
    Of course video games are frigging art. So much goes into a game that is already considered art, character and scenery design, writing. all of it art. So if something is a sum of it's parts, then it must be. It's frigging obvious and I just can't understand why people can't see that
  • GameGuy92 2013/01/03 04:52:48
    The way I see it, people claim that art is an expression of yourself. So when a game designer builds his game with a certain.... style... it is an expression of what he feels and thinks in terms of the project. Its why certain game settings make you feel sad, scared, angry... its feelings the designer projected into the game. I will always support that videogames are art =)
  • critter171 2013/01/02 03:11:56
    They were ruled art but courts so yes they are.
  • JustMe 2013/01/01 18:35:34
    Some of the graphics are simply amazing
  • Badgerbumface 2012/12/31 21:51:17
  • MissAshley 2012/12/31 19:58:24
    Absolutely! old video game graphic

    The graphics just keep getting prettier and prettier ps3 graphics
  • Brandon Michaels 2012/12/30 01:08:49
    Brandon Michaels
    If you realized all of the design that goes into video game environments, you can't dispute that it is art, in it's own rite.
  • Tangerine Sky 2012/12/29 22:44:46
    Tangerine Sky
    anyone who votes no obviously hasn't ever tried to create a video game or even taken the time to look at 1. some of them are simply gorgeous. the landscapes and people are designed so beautifully and so unique.
  • Antonio Llopart 2012/12/29 19:04:09
    Antonio Llopart
    oh yeah. art on a screen.
  • robert.goldsmith.14 2012/12/20 16:49:31
  • Chuppizard 2012/12/20 13:56:42
    Video Games have their own imagination too. And it is superbly visually attractive too.
    Its most likely "interactive art" haha
  • Airwool 2012/12/17 09:03:44
    These days I could dump garbage in my front drive, splash some paint on it and call it art.. probably get a gubment fund for doing the same to other people's driveways...
  • Francis... Airwool 2012/12/25 06:26:36
    Franciso Valadez
    I think you read the question wrong, but good luck in garbage art!!
  • Spyro 2012/12/15 19:16:22
    They shaped the world into what it is today, lasted for years, and have hard work put into them to make a masterpiece. Yes they are a form of art.
  • The Andoxico 2012/12/13 14:40:47
    The Andoxico
    How can you say that this is art...
    simple art

    and this isn't?
  • M 2012/12/13 02:23:22
    I see things in video games that by far exceed any expectations set by the local Art Museum.
  • MetroidJunkie2009 2012/12/12 22:55:46
    I think it depends. Much like any media, there are companies that only spit out a game because they want money and not to provide entertainment or any kind of artistic statement. Great examples of artistic quality games, in my opinion, are games like Braid and Bioshock.
  • Kibbles 2012/12/12 17:05:03
    They are most assuredly an art form.
  • Wm Kabrich 2012/12/11 16:32:34
    Wm Kabrich
    If Beber, Sheen, TuPac, and all the other celebatards can be called Artist. Then Video games are the highest form of art of our time.

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