Are there any fan's of Jean Auel's Earth Children's Series?

ikeknight 2012/09/15 02:59:07
Clan of the Cave Bear
The Valley of Horses
The Mammoth Hunters
The Plains of Passage
The Shelters of Stone
The Land of Painted Caves
All of them!
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I love these books. I discovered them in college and reread them several times. I'm sad the series came to an end, but it is understandable since Jean Auel is 76.
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  • Mvr 2012/09/28 14:50:51
    Clan of the Cave Bear
    Read this book many years ago. Good reading, and informative about the herbs that was used back then.
  • ikeknight Mvr 2012/09/28 20:17:34
    Yeah, she did a lot of research into these books. Talked to people who know about that time period and know how to do things like in the book... i.e. flint knapping, leather work, medicinal plants, etc. Thanks for voting!
  • Mvr ikeknight 2012/09/28 21:09:52
    Your welcome.
  • phil 2012/09/17 19:06:58
    None of the above
    Sorry WHO???? I am a fan of your picture, very down to earth. Yes Cute as well. Thanks for the ?????????
  • ikeknight phil 2012/09/18 00:30:54
    Sorry, I'm not sure what you're asking?
  • GeminiWolf 2012/09/17 18:46:55
    All of them!
    I love this series. I was a little disappointed in the last book. My favorites are The Mammoth Hunters and Shelters of Stone. I've probably read the first 5 at least 5 times each, but only read the last one once.
  • ikeknight GeminiWolf 2012/09/18 00:29:03
    Yeah, I really wasn't happy with how it ended. Jondalar beating up the guy seemed way out of character. I know he did it when he was a teen, but he is so self controlled now, it just seemed implausible. Thanks for posting.

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