Are the Harry Potter books suitable for a child of 7 years old?

Karl 2008/02/13 14:38:36
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My son is 7, he's bright with a good reading age, and he wants to start reading Harry Potter. I'm not convinced - I've read the first 4 books (and got bored with them) and I think they will be too complex for a child of that age to understand. And also some of the things that happen are quite scary for a child of that age. If you vote please suggest what you think is a suitable age to start reading Harry Potter.

And please, no religious rants about witchcraft and other such nonsense. I am only interested in degree of complexity and scariness here.

PS: Right now he thinks I'm a cruel and evil father for not letting him read them yet.

EDIT: Have decided to wait until he is a bit older, and have started reading the Redwall books with him instead. Thanks to all for the input.

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  • c-kidd(crybaby) 2008/03/13 19:47:17
    No, its definitely too complex
    They would think to hard to find out wat the hell is happening
  • csherm 2008/02/13 23:25:06
    It depends on the childs mental state.
    It might be a bit frightening for some.

  • xdisxenchantedx 2008/02/13 17:17:58
    Yes, a smart kid of 7 should be fine with them
    It just depends on the kid. I started reading them when i was about that age and understood them fine, but my sister started reading them when she was around that age and 5 years later still hasn't even gotten half way through the series. So i really think you should at least him try reading it, and if he doesn't get it let him try again in a year or two.
  • Karl xdisxen... 2008/02/13 17:22:13
    Even I haven't got through the series - I didn't really like them that much.
  • xdisxen... Karl 2008/02/13 17:24:27
    But your son might really enjoy them. No one else in my family like them very much either.
  • jimih67 2008/02/13 17:09:46
    Yes, a smart kid of 7 should be fine with them
    If at the age of 7 he is smart enough to be able to read those books, he should be fine with them. It is great that your kid shows such an interest in reading at such a young age. I would let him read it and let him know if he finds it too complex or scary, he can stop.
  • Karl jimih67 2008/02/13 17:20:08 (edited)
    Yeah I think this is probably the best thing to do. Thanks
  • GEMINII : queen of hope 2008/02/13 15:00:41
    No, its definitely too scary
    GEMINII : queen of hope
    as long as you are there for him if he has questions about what he just read i dont think there should be a problem remember its only a story
  • Milk Maid 2008/02/13 14:52:56
    Yes, a smart kid of 7 should be fine with them
    Milk Maid
    My son did well with Harry Potter and loves all kinds of books. He is a big reader.
  • Karl Milk Maid 2008/02/13 15:00:40
    How old was he when he started the first one?
  • Milk Maid Karl 2008/02/13 17:29:58
    Milk Maid
  • Cassidy 2008/02/13 14:52:41
    No, its definitely too complex
    I think they'd be far too complicated for a 7-year-old. As for scariness, that really depends on the temperament of the child.
  • I'm Left, You're Wrong 2008/02/13 14:42:26
    Yes, a smart kid of 7 should be fine with them
    I'm Left, You're Wrong
    Probably a bit too complex for most 7 year olds

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