Are rockstar games making gta 6

funnyprime13 2013/12/08 21:47:21
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I think they are but I don't know they going to. Please help me. Do you know any info about gta 6, map, weather, animals, or anything will be in gta 6. I been thinking about all day.
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  • The Realist RS 2014/03/13 14:48:32 (edited)
    The Realist RS
    Look you're not going to see GTA VI for a very long time, GTA isn't like COD, or BF. It doesn't come out every year. So just get comfortable.
  • rocky The Rea... 2014/08/08 15:16:58
    I personally think that rockstar WILL make GTA 6 because they could be changing it once to draw attention so than when (if) another GTA comes out everyone with be expecting something new very soon. It would be keeping all of the fans waiting for the new one.and also they could be make twice as much money because people would be buying both at once.pls tell me what u have think
  • The Rea... rocky 2014/08/21 19:17:21
    The Realist RS
    They will but it will be a long time before you see the next one.
  • The Realist RS 2014/01/29 04:25:03
    The Realist RS
    Maybe they should make a new place
  • Trevor Philips 2013/12/09 03:13:50
    Trevor Philips
    I hope they somehow saw my idea of making it back in Vice City, strong parody of Burn Notice as a story line. They need to tell what they done to Las Venturas and San Fierro, though. Them not putting it in the current one shocked me.
  • funnypr... Trevor ... 2013/12/09 14:38:39
    I think VI stand for Vice City but it gotta be different map. Do u think be in Vice City or different btw thank you
  • Trevor ... funnypr... 2013/12/09 22:35:26
    Trevor Philips
    That would be confusing cause VI would be the backwards IV xD Yes I really do hope it's set in Vice City, different map but the military air base still present. Strong parody story to Burn Notice as well. I was just saying earlier how, since Burn Notice recently ended, they should've made V about that but it's chill. Hopefully that's what they will do. And I'm curious about the new Las Venturas and San Fierro, too...

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