Are Ice Dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White a Lock for 'DWTS' Finals?

ABC News U.S. 2014/03/04 17:39:47
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The new “Dancing With the Stars” cast was announced today and it includes a pair of iconic actresses, a record-breaking swimmer, a young pop singer, a comedian AND two Olympic gold medal ice dancers?

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Athletes have always been the subject of debate on the dance competition show since they have been training for years. ESPN, even did an analysis a couple of seasons ago.

But Meryl Davis, 27, and Charlie White, 26, are Olympic ice dancers who just won gold medals in Sochi.

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  • MOMMA THOMAS 2014/03/13 02:19:18 (edited)
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
  • Dave 007 2014/03/09 11:54:38
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    Dave 007
    This show is still on???? They never have any REAL Stars on it. And doesn't it look like her plastic surgery went bad???
  • Rosita Dave 007 2014/03/11 15:12:40
    Whose plastic surgery?
  • RJeffreySavlov 2014/03/08 23:46:58
    No, they will have competition
    There have been many great dancers who have not won it all and remember they are competing against each other.
  • engineer 2014/03/08 04:48:01
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    They are the top - nothing less
  • Betty 2014/03/07 16:00:08
    No, they will have competition
    She looks so like plastic.
  • duke 2014/03/07 07:34:24
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    Yes they get a GOLD.They have it .who will say no.
  • 2014/03/06 19:53:41
    No, they will have competition
    I think any Olympian has an advantage because they are high achievers and hard workers. DWTS has had a pattern of having Olympians on right after they have won a medal so I suspected they would be on before they announced it. I have watched DWTS since day one, but I suspect it won't last much longer. They are making cuts like crazy, going down to one night, getting rid of the band, then firing Brooke. The surprise to me was having Erin replace her - that could end up being a mistake. Erin may have good interviewing skills, but I doubt she will come across as warm and likable as Brooke was.
    We'll see what happens!
  • Min Carter 2014/03/06 19:33:23
    No, they will have competition
    Min Carter
    I don't think that it's a guaranteed win, but they do have an advantage.
  • ChristabelLartey 2014/03/06 19:17:19
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    From my observations, Ice skaters and gymnast tend to have an advantage over everyone else in this competition.
  • frank 2014/03/06 19:08:35
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    It would not surprise me if they were in the finals
  • TheAsianDiva85 2014/03/06 19:03:18
    No, they will have competition
    It is stupid....
  • vexuda12 2014/03/06 18:36:39
  • Queen Mother 2014/03/06 12:29:34
    No, they will have competition
    Queen Mother
    Even though they have the advantage, most people know that. So, I think the public voting, will not be as eager to vote for them, as opposed to someone with no dance experience.
  • akPhilly 2014/03/06 06:19:37
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    Absolutely they will. People can go on about how ice dancing is way different than ballroom, & yeah, it is, but they still would have a huge advantage. First off, they're used to working with a partner. Yeah they're really used to each other, but they'd still be ahead of the ball game compared to others. Also, they're athletes. They're already in shape & have the stamina. They have surely had dance training. And if you look at how other ice skaters have done in DWTS, they did very well-Kristi Yamaguchi won, & Evan Lisochek made the top 2 or 3, & IMO a big reason he didn't win was because he was paired with one of the Russian dancers, who always seem totally lost when they have to choreograph a freestyle dance for the finals-sorry, but it's true. And on top of everything, they've already worked with Derek Hough, who's been a DWTS pro for years & has won the show several times-he helped them with their short program. They clearly would have a big advantage, & honestly, I don't think it would be fair.
  • Tricia akPhilly 2014/03/06 16:38:04
    I totally agree that they will have a huge advantage for all the reasons mentioned by akPhilly and I don't think it is fair on the other competitors that they are on DWTS. How can a person that has never danced before stand a chance against a couple who are super fit and who have trained and danced for over 17 years - dancing is dancing whether on ice, or off it. I hope the public vote them off quickly, although that would never happen unless they were the bottom two at the same time because the Judges would save them. Another thing I do not agree with on DWTS the viewer should make the decision as to who gets voted off, not the Judges, otherwise there is no point in the public voting.
  • TXGirl 2014/03/06 03:13:51
    No, they will have competition
    Ice dancing is not the same.
  • Tricia TXGirl 2014/03/06 16:43:52
    Yes it is - it is all about having good rhythm, music interpretation, stamina, fitness etc all of which they most certainly have to have in order to have been very successful ice skaters. No I consider it is a huge advantage for them and very unfair to fellow contestants.
  • TXGirl Tricia 2014/03/07 02:44:52
    They had a skater on awhile back and it was difficult to transition. They do have some advantage being graceful and their stamina but you are using different muscles in ways they are not accustomed to. Anyway we both are entitled to our opinion.
  • A Fab 2014/03/06 02:58:16
    No, they will have competition
    A Fab
    They have an advantage, of course, but not a guarantee.
  • EmoKiss:3 2014/03/06 02:28:17
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
  • TooSweet 2014/03/06 01:59:56
    No, they will have competition
    I wonder if Charlie is banging that freak ass looking chick.
  • shadow76 2014/03/06 01:31:00
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    Who cares?
  • raine 2014/03/05 22:14:44
    No, they will have competition
    Nobody does normal dancing on ice. Completely different moves. As for dancing with the stars, it is a waste of time just like survivor. I watch none of this foolishness, I usually have a peak in the beginning of the show's season to confirm for myself it isn't worth watching...
  • dapusa09 2014/03/05 20:59:20
  • Kelly Welly 2014/03/05 20:56:28
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    Kelly Welly
    if they arent in the final i think their olympic win should be questioned
  • disclaimer 2014/03/05 20:06:24
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    Ice dancing is ballroom dancing. On ice. You have to take dance classes as an ice skater. A solo ice skater would have it different, but look at Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno. They're both Olympic gold medallists, they did DWTS when they were young, and they won.
  • Scottie Smalls 2014/03/05 17:59:03
  • disclaimer Scottie... 2014/03/05 20:07:01
    You do realize they're trained dancers, right? And their competition won't be? And that there are hundreds of other ice dancers who can't even make it to the Olympics?
  • Scottie... disclaimer 2014/03/10 05:46:04
  • disclaimer Scottie... 2014/03/10 06:14:04 (edited)
    Ah I see, it's a butthurt Canadian who believes the rumor started by a French tabloid.
  • Scottie... disclaimer 2014/04/12 23:30:15
  • disclaimer Scottie... 2014/04/14 07:54:56
  • DJ 2014/03/05 17:52:02
    No, they will have competition
    Its not the same, they gave to dance!
  • DaisyGirl 2014/03/05 17:48:39
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    They brought honor and beauty to the Olympics and the US. I'm glad they are able to capitalize on their win after so much dedication, no matter who wins. I loved their performance as true artists of the ice.
  • cranejumper 2014/03/05 16:49:29
    No, they will have competition
    judging politics and hollywood
  • cass 2014/03/05 16:44:22
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    I think the show should have one spot for a non celebrity (male/female) That would make good TV..Get the people involved..
  • disclaimer cass 2014/03/05 20:07:34
    That person would be promptly eliminated due to a lack of fans.
  • kate cass 2014/03/06 03:39:17
    I have always thought that - but they would probably be the first ones voted off!
  • guner 2014/03/05 16:33:10
    Yes, they... are... "ice dancers"
    best dancers

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