Are Girl Gamers Underestimated?

Gaming 2012/06/19 13:00:00
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E3 wrapped up last weekend, and it wasn't long before actress and Ubisoft host Aisha Taylor was inundated with hate mail accusing her of not being a real gamer. She fired back on Facebook, arguing that she has been a gamer all her life, and could probably beat a lot of the offending guys on Halo. This week, Kotaku writer Katie Williams expressed similar frustrations with her time at E3.

In an opinion article titled "So What If I'm A Woman? Let Me Play The Damn Game," Williams recalls how she was "guided towards the Facebook games," and walked through the simplest first-person shooter mechanics as if she couldn't possibly have a clue how to work them. She calls the experience a "hurtful underestimation of my capabilities, both as a journalist and as a gamer." Do you think girl gamers are underestimated, or did Taylor and Williams just have some bad experiences?

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  • 'Zedd 2012/06/20 02:52:46
  • Lady-DeathBright 2012/06/20 02:49:10
  • Donald Eric Kesler 2012/06/20 02:31:13
    Donald Eric Kesler
    Both the gaming industry and the community it supports is rife with misogyny. This fact was made apparent when the gaming equivalent of the birther movement reared its ugly head and demand that Aisha Taylor prove that she actually played games.
  • L1 2012/06/20 01:50:15
    Under-reported, IMHO.
  • Boaafoos 2012/06/20 01:45:35
    I'm sure girls can be really good gamers. My Ex used to play all day long. Even sometimes she would call me in the middle of the night if she's stuck somewhere and needs help.

    But I also noticed that even though girls can be very good gamers, they still can't be as competitive as boys. Girls are only good when they focus on few games and sometimes those games won't be more than 10 games and probably those 10 games are of 3 different types. Boys play more games and can be really good at them in no time and those games can be of many different types. Boys don't need much of time to master a game. I think the reason is that boys easily blend in gaming communities and they also can play games with their friend most of the time or anytime, while girls don't have many female friends that would spend time with them playing games. Also, a gamer girl is still a "girl".. she wouldn't want to be surrounded by gamer boys all the time.
  • Sophia0... Boaafoos 2012/08/05 06:23:25
  • Maximus 2012/06/20 01:42:25
    I like girls who can play games, most of them are really good.
  • Amy Lynn 2012/06/20 01:40:58
    Amy Lynn
    Girl Wood!
  • Ariel Pridemore 2012/06/20 00:52:57
    Ariel Pridemore
    All the time. But they really shouldn't be, It just takes practice to be a beast such as muself(;
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2012/06/19 23:57:01
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    I have played some really amazing gamer chicks, they get proprs from me!~
  • Max Power 2012/06/19 23:56:42
    Max Power
    In my experience they usually suck. Though I know there are good ones out there.
  • THB306 2012/06/19 22:38:13
    Gamer girls are amazing, and can be way better than dudes at games... But there is a big difference between a gamer girl and a girl that just do happens to get caught on film holding a controller... that distinction is often not made...
  • Mellow 2012/06/19 22:24:27
    As a girl who plays video games, I've had people underestimate my skills.
  • glendajb4 2012/06/19 22:15:17
    You're a girl who's good at playing video games? Big whoop.
  • Joey 2012/06/19 22:10:55
    If you mean by number of males who are gamers I think yes . As in underestimating there skills I do not think most people do. Just jerks ... I mean within the gaming world you would find of the biggest racist , sexiest , and all around jerks . However I don't think this is a majority of gamers . These are just the people who stand out .
  • LdyLeo Joey 2012/06/19 22:22:51
    You mostly find sexism in gaming, not racism.
  • Joey LdyLeo 2012/06/19 22:38:16
    Try being a black person on live .
  • LdyLeo Joey 2012/06/19 22:46:51
    Ha, please. You are looking too far with this racism crap.
  • Joey LdyLeo 2012/06/19 22:55:15
    And if someone brunt a cross on your lawn you would say Thank you for the light .

  • LdyLeo Joey 2012/06/20 01:26:50
    I don't have Xbox live or Playstation Network, so I would not know of racism on there and I do not care.
  • Joey LdyLeo 2012/06/20 02:18:23
    What is your issue .. you say that there is no racism on live ... and then you say you never been on it .
  • LdyLeo Joey 2012/06/20 02:23:03 (edited)
    What's YOUR issue? I never heard of anyone bring up racism on live and I said I would not know of racism on live. I did not say there was no racism on live.
  • 'Zedd Joey 2012/06/20 02:50:20
  • Joey 'Zedd 2012/06/20 02:59:29
    It depends a lot on the game ..for example it is not a lot of that in Mass Effect.. however in COD games it is a lot of it .
  • 'Zedd Joey 2012/06/20 03:05:44
  • Captain... Joey 2012/06/20 12:23:31
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    How would they know you're black though? Some dude joined an Xbox live party my friend and I were in and that dude was in denial that my friend was even black
  • Joey Captain... 2012/06/20 15:52:59
    Many time ppl can guess by your voice , or your profile picture.
  • Sophia0... LdyLeo 2012/08/05 06:26:15
    Nope, you're too short-sighted. When are humans NOT hateful in competition?
  • MiSsGlOoMyBeAr 2012/06/19 22:09:12
    im a girl and i play all kinds of games Like Halo, assassin's creed, grand theft auto's and a few others
  • Staind_wolf94 2012/06/19 22:03:05
    I have a friend that is freaking beast at gaming. I've never played against her, but I've heard she kicks ass hahaXD
  • YeahISaidIt 2012/06/19 21:44:57 (edited)
    I'm a girl gamer. I kick ass at L4D. I'm not even tooting my own horn. I've played games since I was 2, and was beating Sonic 2 as a 4-year-old. What gives us the bad rep is those girls who play to look cool. I've come across dozens. "Oh I play games tee-hee." it pisses me off when I get them on my team. So let the real women game to let us have our day. The real girl gamers I've come across are not to be messed with!
  • volley15 YeahISa... 2012/06/19 22:46:44
    Which L4D game is your favorite? Personally I prefer the second one. Can't deal with playing that game with other people though. I rather the AI be stupid and get my team eat by zombies than the people I'm playing with. -___-
  • YeahISa... volley15 2012/06/20 00:57:15
    The second is my favorite too. I hate getting stuck with the 10-15 year olds who like to shoot each other for fun. If you wanna play I'm StrongPeach17.
  • volley15 YeahISa... 2012/06/20 01:45:30
    I haven't played in a long time, I'm so rusty with it. I just re-bought a copy as my last one was my ex's and he of coarse took it with him. That and I don't have a Xbox Live account. I mostly play single player RPG games so it doesn't make much sense for me to pay for one. Even more so with work and my 3 year old son. XD Life just gets in the way of my gaming. Ugh.
  • YeahISa... volley15 2012/06/20 02:29:25
    Aw well you can wait until your son wants one lol.
  • volley15 YeahISa... 2012/06/20 02:41:19
    Definately. It's only a matter of time. I remember playing Mario with my dad on an old school NES when I was little. I want to be able to do that with him as he grows up.
  • YeahISa... volley15 2012/06/20 05:43:28
    I find that it helps with coordination and multitasking with using both sticks. They actually need it.
  • Odinsown 2012/06/19 21:30:21
    Guy In Real Life... GIRL. lol jk
  • Nezkeys79 2012/06/19 21:30:10
    I just wish i knew even one girl into videogames. Where are they all? +1 for girl gamers!!
  • blissful 2012/06/19 21:29:06
    Girls are just as good as boys. They just don't play video games as much as boys..

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