Are game shows rigged?

prometheus 2010/07/21 19:19:55
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I've been noticing some gameshows and contests that are rigged all for the sake of ratings and conning. For example, The Price is RIght, Wipeout, American Idol, and Downfall just to name a few.

"A rigged game kinda derailed "The Price is Right" last week.

Our spies tell us the show's famous Plinko game had been pre-set to hit the $10,000 slot every time for a commercial they were shooting on set for the "Price" video game before the taping -- but some bonehead forgot to reset it.

During the next taping, a contestant began playing Plinko and racked up $30,000 before producers finally realized what was happening. They stopped tape, fixed the game (actually un-fixed it) and the woman went on to win $3,000.

The show still gave her the $30,000 as a fabulous parting gift.
But you won't see any of it on the show. It all was edited out."
- 7/29/2008 9:58 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Herb Stempel was a contestant on Twenty-One who was coached by the show's producer Dan Enright. After achieving a score of $69,500, Stempel's scripted loss to the more popular Charles Van Doren occurred on December 5, 1956. One of the questions Stempel got wrong involved the winner of the 1955 Academy Award for Best Motion Picture. (The correct answer was Marty, one of Stempel's favorite movies; as instructed by Enright, Stempel gave the incorrect answer On the Waterfront.) After his preordained loss, Stempel blew the whistle on the operation, claiming that he deliberately lost the match against Van Doren on orders from Enright.

Initially, Stempel was dismissed as a sore loser and it wasn't until August 1958 that his credibility was bolstered. Ed Hilgemeyer, a contestant on Dotto, announced that he had found a notebook containing the very answers contestant Marie Winn was delivering on stage. But the final stroke came from Twenty-One contestant James Snodgrass, who had sent registered letters to himself containing the advance answers. Such evidence was irrefutable. It eventually emerged that Twenty-One's debut on September 12, 1956 had gone so badly that sponsor Geritol called producers Barry and Enright the following day and demanded changes. Under pressure, Enright and his partner Jack Barry decided to rig the show. Barry, the show's host, was not involved in the actual rigging, but later helped in the cover-up.

By October 1958, the story was everywhere and the quiz shows' Nielsen ratings were dropping. The networks denied everything and canceled the now-suspicious shows. Meanwhile, New York prosecutor Joseph Stone convened a grand jury to investigate the charges. Many of the coached contestants, who had become celebrities due to their quiz-show success, were so afraid of the social repercussions that they were unwilling to confess to having been coached, even to the point of perjuring themselves to avoid backlash. The judge sealed the grand jury report for unknown reasons.

The 86th Congress, by then in its first session, quickly saw the political opportunity the scandals offered; in October 1959, the House Committee on Legislative Oversight, under Representative Oren Harris's chairmanship, began to hold hearings investigating the scandal. Anna Marie Duke, then a child actress, testified to having been coached, as did Stempel, Snodgrass, and Hilgemeyer.

But the bombshell dropped on November 2 when Van Doren said to the Committee, "I was involved, deeply involved, in a deception. The fact that I too was very much deceived cannot keep me from being the principal victim of that deception, because I was its principal symbol."

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  • smarter than the average bear 2011/09/28 15:58:03
    smarter than the average bear
    of course they are rigged!!!all you have to do is notice that on the price is right,the sounds of the clicker on the big wheel do not match up to the actual clicker,because then you would notice the speed of the wheel was dramatically slowing down,instead of slowing gradually.and,there are people who are behind every one of the games who move things,to make people win or lose,but,they dont show you that.
    on the wheel of fortune,on the final puzzle,it all depends on which side of the prize envelope pat sajak opens,as to what the prize is.[it is double hinged.that is why pat holds it]
    and,nowadays,with so much being done on computer screens,there is no way that things are 'random' anymore,like on 'who wants to be a millionaire'
    but,people are stupid,only see what they want to see,and do not understand how easy it is to use 'slieght of hand' to con people.
    the new 'lets make a deal' with wayne brady is so obvious about it,that i cant believe that people dont call them on it.
    but,just like 'professional' wrestling,they can avoid prosecution by claiming that it is not fraud,but,'staged entertainment'
    personally,i think that they should still be charged with fraud!!!!
  • S.Dee 2010/07/22 02:47:47
  • kayla 2010/07/21 19:53:22
    yes i new it they are rigged and that comment was mean in the video
    rigged comment video
  • prometheus kayla 2010/07/21 19:54:44
    and racist
  • kayla prometheus 2010/07/21 20:14:48

    youre so right
  • prometheus kayla 2010/07/21 20:27:04
  • kayla prometheus 2010/07/21 20:35:32
    oh sparklie sparklie
    im going blind noooo! just kiding
  • prometheus kayla 2010/07/21 21:24:18
  • kwest_99 2010/07/21 19:22:05
    Yeah i think some game shows are rigged that way they don't have to give away much money
  • Alex<33 2010/07/21 19:22:03

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