Approximately how many words do you average per chapter?

SpiritOfDark 2009/10/04 04:48:40
Writers Have to Stick Toget...
I was just trying to find a suitable chapter length, so just a range for an average chapter. How many words?
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  • Ginger Snapp 2009/10/11 06:39:21
    Ginger Snapp
    well it varies, usually like 5 paragraphs
  • SpiritO... Ginger ... 2009/10/12 00:00:11
    5 paragraphs? Isn't that extremely short? Or are your paragraphs really big?
  • Ginger ... SpiritO... 2009/10/12 00:47:27
  • SpiritO... Ginger ... 2009/10/12 01:15:46
    Oh, okay... they are pretty short.
    Usually my chapters are a lot longer than that, though
  • Ginger ... SpiritO... 2009/10/12 01:16:15
    Ginger Snapp
    would you read it :p?
  • SpiritO... Ginger ... 2009/10/12 01:23:17
    Hmm... not bad. There are a lot of typos and gramatical errors, as well as spelling errors, but looking past that it's pretty good. I like the way you've conveyed the emotion through short, choppy sentences.
  • Ginger ... SpiritO... 2009/10/12 01:42:42
    Ginger Snapp
    is the choppy bad, it almost sounds like it was a good thing the way you said it
  • SpiritO... Ginger ... 2009/10/12 02:31:19
    The choppy is good. Sometimes it can be bad, but yours is good. You use it effectively to portray they emotions.
  • Ginger ... SpiritO... 2009/10/12 02:35:33
    Ginger Snapp
    oh, thanks :)
    if it was a book would you buy it (minus the spelling/grammar errors)?
  • Rae 2009/10/05 23:23:22
    Hmm...I never actually bothered to look.
  • mimi 2009/10/05 01:14:50
    No idea, and normally I'm on top of these things. I just write until I think the chapter needs to end, I mean if you think its too long you can always go back and split in half.
  • BreeMoore 2009/10/04 23:21:53
    Um, I need to know too. I do REALLY long chapters. so, yeah...
  • BreeMoore BreeMoore 2009/10/04 23:23:17
    Is this on Word or in an actual book? I have 20 WORD pages, not book pages.
  • SpiritO... BreeMoore 2009/10/05 05:37:51
    I was asking for approx word count, but I use word so yeah, word.
  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2009/10/04 15:13:43
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    I don't count words but in some stories I do anywhere from 15-20 pages per chapter. I counted HP chapters as like a guideline and that's what I came up with lol
  • Orangedragan 2009/10/04 14:43:56
    the word count should depend on the information in the chapter. most authors usally end a chapter when theres a shift in time (like if a person goes to sleep, or if they are riding across a featureless plan). for example, chistopher paolini's "Brisingr" has one chapter that is only 2 pages long, and one chapter that is about 16 long

    just go with your gut
  • TheatreAddict 2009/10/04 14:41:31
    I don't know if this is too short, but I try to have all of my chapters approx. 3,000 words.
  • Nyhite 2009/10/04 07:59:33
    I write long chapters now - approx. 2500 - 3000 words.
  • SpiritO... Nyhite 2009/10/04 08:54:37
    Yeah, I guess. I average about that much, but I know a lot of people that write a lot more. For example, I was just reading one with 8 000-10 000 words, or another with 20 000 or so words a chapter. I mean, that last one is a bit long, but still... I think since my chapter lengths are increasing, I'll probably get around 4 000 - 6 000 words per chapter. You think that'd be good?
  • Nyhite SpiritO... 2009/10/11 00:20:02
    Probably. It depends on your style of writing. For first person, I think 6 000 will probably be a little too much. 4 000 seems about right. It also depends on the information in the chapter - where you want to go with it, what you want to express.

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