Anyone Can Be A Rapper But Only The Most Talented Can Be A Rocker Do You Agree Why Or Why Not?

Darth Disturbed 2008/03/13 22:10:12
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  • dablackness 2012/02/26 06:26:35
    Can anyone be an artist yes can anyone be an scientist yes you can do what ever you want to be as long as you are committed. Hell in some languages I would say rapping is harder due to how the language is set up where playing the guitar is the same from country to country as it has no language at all.
  • football fan 2008/04/08 23:15:49
    football fan
    I don't think anyone can rap if that was true than everyone would be a rapper after all they make more money than rockers. rockers have to split the money between at lease four people and a manager. rock bands of the 70's, 80's and 90's were talented. rock singers today do not have any talent. they sound like someone force them to sing with a mouth full of shit. punk rock, gothic and megadeath rock music sucks. dummers, guitar and bass players in todays rock bands play the same notes over and over again every song sound the same. I like rap and old school rock music.
  • LXE-MCRmy 2008/03/28 20:45:35
    That is true anyone CAN be a rapper I mean look at Eminem xD
    Just kiddin' I like his music it makes me laugh. Only rock stars can make that perfect sound of a guitar crashing on the ground or make a power ballet and have it actually highten their fan base. HA!!!! And besides only rock stars can scream on stage and make it look cool. ;D
  • Jade 2008/03/16 15:48:14
  • lor 2008/03/14 23:54:17
    Rap takes no effort at all. All you need is someone that has sucky vocals and shitty lyrics.
  • Ronny 2008/03/14 22:29:35
    i can't rap and i've tried at karaoke, but i can rock like no ones business. not everyone or should sing
  • Claire_Fox 2008/03/14 22:24:11
    there are rhyming dictionaries, never heard of a rocktionary.
  • heather 2008/03/14 20:16:26
    as a huge fan of rock, i can go to a rock concert and actually feel the vibes of the music being performed by the artists, it's a two-way motivation, they motivate us, and we motivate them. plus like many others on here have stated the rockers play their own instruments, and they actually sing. nuff said. Rock On!-heather
  • HeartBeat 2008/03/14 14:52:21
    it takes a lot of talent to be a rocker...bein a rapper all you gotta do is speak where noone understands you and youre a rapper....i like rock stars better myself.....
  • gwts 2008/03/14 09:48:30
    I love rock and don't like rap....but fact is that for good music you'll always need talented ppl, no matter what genre it is
  • ►Cesar◄ 2008/03/14 07:29:17
    Rapers just talk all the song

    rockers can sing, talked, scream, do rear sounds and you need talent fro that

    and the instruments that is the most exiting talent that there can be
    Playing guitar bass and drums
  • Dark Doll 2008/03/14 01:07:08
  • Darth D... Dark Doll 2008/03/14 01:11:41
    Darth Disturbed
  • Yutt 2008/03/14 00:30:29
    There are some pretty untalented rockstars out there like the ones who just scream in the mic the whole dam song hell I can do that lol (I would give some specific names but I do not really know any names of the bands that do that cuz I don't listen to them.)
  • Republic of Honor 2008/03/13 23:08:41
    Republic of Honor
    Cause rockers freakin give their heart out at shows, way more intune with the crowd. They also make songs on everything, good songs too!

    Rappers sing about money(gold, low riders, material wealth), Booty(very explicit with degrading females i might add), How hard it was to grow up where they came from & how hard they are(usually about the streets), Clothing(shoes & chains ECT), and how violently tough they are. It really does get old.
    Their shows really arent shows either it seems like im out behind their house smokin weed listen to some jams playing of the boom box!
    but dont get me wrong there are a few good rap songs out there I will admit.

    Rock on Rockers!
  • Heartagram Goddess 2008/03/13 23:07:50
    Heartagram Goddess
    Not all rap is even slightly creative. Any idiot can talk about bitches and hoes. Not everyone can play a guitar or beat the drums like a madman (or girl). That takes REAL talent. Plus, the writing skills and the personal meaning behind the music is MUCH more prevalent in rock music than in any rap song I have ever heard. All I have to say is...Save the Music!

    music save my soul
  • angie ~ MCCAIN / PALIN 08 2008/03/13 22:45:10
  • Dogg ~ Ready for war 2008/03/13 22:43:35
    Dogg ~ Ready for war
    rap today has gotten do less with talent and more on how to use a artist work loop it, write some profound lyrics dealing with drugs, guns, violence, sex, using women, and money.
    where to be a rocker. you one need talent. you need others who know how to play if your just a singer, not a fast smooth talker.
  • chuck burnz 2008/03/13 22:42:02
    chuck burnz
    If you pick up a guitar and can whale away, a contract could come your way, with out writing a thing. Getting a Hip-Hop Contract is harder, because the things the industry wants out of hip-hop artists changes rapidly. I think the road to getting a rocker contract is constant. but I don't know, I tried to get a hip-hop contract, rapping and producing, didn't work out.. I just think getting ahiphop contract is harder, you can find rock on AI, but they don't allow hip-hop, when hip-hop artist are the richest, most popular American Idol's in the last 30 yerars.
  • Darth Disturbed 2008/03/13 22:36:32
    Darth Disturbed

    1) rockers acually know how 2 play their own instruments
    2) rockers r more creative n rappers only copies other lyrics like lazy ass dumb fucken idiots

    3)rocker r tougher cuz we can handle more noise then a rapper can anyday
  • Denny 2008/03/13 22:27:39
    Rockers can play their own instruments.
  • Nina ~COB~Yes We Did 2008/03/13 22:14:30
    Nina ~COB~Yes We Did
    Rapping is not as easy as one might think. Lyrics are very important, to me, in rap music. That's why some people hate it. IMHO
  • blueautumn 2008/03/13 22:14:18
    I mean... they jump around too if you mean just a singer in a band.. but if you play an instrument too it's different..
    have you heard Weezer's Sweater?? that sucks! some songs buy rappers take heart! but hip hop songs (alot) are just about material things

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