NattiFan (oYo) 2010/02/09 19:11:08
I know what you mean Natti...
Nah...I love getting bombarded with stupid questions for no reason Natti...
Hot Chick answer...
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Ever get annoyed when you have someone blasting questions out left and right, for no other reason besides looking for attention? I mean there has to be a limit....a line of some sorts drawn...and then, when you take time and answer the question and then rave it....you don't get a response back or at the very least, a rave for your answer?? Well...I'm running into this at this very moment......and I've had enough...

that's it...I feel better now..enjoy your day!!

drawn answer rave response rave answer running ive feel enjoy
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2016/02/12 16:22:08

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