Anne Hathaway Went MIA Because 'People Needed a Break' from Her: Which Star Do You Need a Break from?

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SLIDESHOW: Which Star Do You Need a Break from?

Anne Hathaway
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Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway kept a pretty low profile after she won an Oscar for "Best Supporting Actress" last year, reportedly saying "my impression is that people needed a break from me."
  1. Anne Hathaway

    Anne Hathaway

    Anne Hathaway kept a pretty low profile after she won an Oscar for "Best Supporting Actress" last year, reportedly saying "my impression is that people needed a break from me."

  2. Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber recently got arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest -- and it may be the straw that broke the camel's back. Are you over the trouble-maker pop star? Or are you still a loyal Belieber?

  3. Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian

    Nowadays, it seems like Kim Kardashian's every move is documented by paparazzi. Newsflash, paps: Kim K taking a shopping trip isn't news. Do you need a break from the socialite?

  4. Kanye West

    Kanye West

    Now that Kanye West is engaged to America's most popular socialite, he's been popping up everywhere too. Plus, he doesn't have a filter, so some of the stuff that spews out of his mouth is bound to annoy.

  5. Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus

    Miley, Miley, Miley. Ever since her epically raunchy MTV VMA performance last year, the pop star has been front and center in the entertainment news cycle. Are you itching for a Miley Cyrus vacay?

  6. Ryan Seacrest

    Ryan Seacrest

    On TV, on the radio, on the red carpet… Ryan Seacrest is literally everywhere these days, especially with award show season underway. Could you use a break from the guy?

  7. Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence

    Curveball! Everyone absolutely adores Jennifer Lawrence, but her current high exposure with films like "American Hustle" and "Hunger Games" may lead some to crave a quick break.

Anne Hathaway Went MIA Because 'People Needed a Break' from Her: Which Star Do You Need a Break from?
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We guess those Hathahaters really got to her! Ever since winning an Oscar for her role in "Les Miserables" last year, Anne Hathaway has kept a pretty low profile. And now we know why.

"My impression is that people needed a break from me," the 31-year-old "Best Supporting Actress" winner reportedly told the Huffington Post with a laugh.

Hathaway had to deal with some surprising backlash last year, after people started criticizing her acceptance speeches for seeming disingenuous and her overall demeanor for seeming too dramatic. Soon, the term "Hathahaters" was created to describe those who were less-than-fond of the A-list actress.

But hopefully, all that's behind her now. For the past year, Hathaway has stepped away from the spotlight, not starring in any movies in 2013 and making very rare red carpet appearances.

Now, we ask: Should some other stars take a hint from Hathaway's hiatus? From Justin Bieber to Miley Cyrus to Kanye West, the list of celebrities the world needs a break from seems endless. Which famous face would you like a vacation from?

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  • nygiants52 2014/01/24 19:39:18
    Kim Kardashian
    Probably a combination of both her and Kanye but I picked her because at least he worked hard to get where he is today. On a side note I never understood the hate for Anne Hathaway though. I actually feel bad that she felt that way and didn't want to do anymore movies for awhile. And finally, I don't think it's possible to ever get sick of Jennifer Lawrence. She is extremely talented, beautiful and hysterical. What more could you want of someone? jennifer lawrence sag awards 2014

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  • Tony Jones 1 day ago
    Kim Kardashian
    Tony Jones
    Anyone without a truly discernible talent (Kim K and the rest of those buffoons on "reality TV") should just go away! It's sickening how easily entertained we've become! Kim K's only somewhat contribution to the industry was whoring it up and getting blasted in every orifice by the washed up, never was singer Ray J. Oh, but she's rich so she gets a pass... and fame!
  • Mike 3 days ago
    Justin Bieber
    This dude needs to go back home and hibernate.
  • Victoria Arias 4 days ago
    Kim Kardashian
    Victoria Arias
    Sick of those Kardashians - hope they move to Uranus
  • William 5 days ago
    Kim Kardashian
    The world needs a break from her. Who cares about butt implants anyways?!
  • gendotte 6 days ago
    Kanye West
    And any one else around any Kardasian. Bieber can go too
  • pantagruella 2014/07/22 17:23:19
    Kanye West
    Almost all popular culture drives me up the wall so I have unplugged myself. I don't know these people. I do have an unjustified prejudice against rappers and such like. They seem to be having a lot of fun. I'd like to see an emergency so drastic that all the rappers had to be conscripted and sent to the Solomon Islands to bury bodies.
  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2014/07/22 17:17:42
    Kim Kardashian
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    The Top 4 for about 100 years.
  • pavanneh 2014/07/16 16:21:44
    Justin Bieber
    How about Stars! Multiple. There are only two people that I don't mind hearing about the rest is trash.
  • Naveese 2014/07/12 18:22:03
    Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber and Kim. I like Anne a lot.
  • yahoo user 2014/07/12 14:45:26
    Justin Bieber
    yahoo user
    Time is to valuable to waste it on turds.
  • gonz 2014/07/12 08:44:52
    Anne Hathaway
    Anne is a nice, good looker but there are those people that would take her down, just to do so. I hope Anne has a wonderful long career. Hey! Anne watch out Baby, There's too many people that might bring trouble to you.
  • najwah.nelson 2014/07/05 16:49:38
  • peter 2014/07/01 15:41:18
    Justin Bieber
    and one direction . i guess you use the term star loosely
  • Mary-Jane 2014/06/26 01:44:31 (edited)
    Miley Cyrus
    If only I could answer this survey as a combination of Anne Hathaway and Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana. It's hard for me to only choose 1 of these 2 fabulous women, because I love both of them!
    My 3rd choice would be Kim Kardashian.
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2014/06/25 22:59:27
    Justin Bieber
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian among those on the list.
  • Ozymandias 2014/06/24 21:04:57
    Justin Bieber
    Definitely Justin Bieber. He's a real toolbag.
  • Sunshine 2014/06/24 02:41:08
    Kanye West
    And by Kanye West, I mean Lady Gaga, but Kanye is annoying too.
  • Tasha 2014/06/20 06:45:50
    Kanye West
    I know that I picked Kanye West, but the person I really would have like the pick is Queen Bey, Beyonce.

    Beyonce should go away

    Why the heck is Beyonce not an option? Now, before you Queen B fans get your panties in a bunch, let me just say that I do not hate Beyonce or anything. I mean, I am not a BIG fan of hers, but I do like several of her songs. However, I REALLY wish that Beyonce would take a break already. I am tired of hearing from her. I am tired of hearing about her. I am tired of her winning every major [music] award there is. I really need a break from Beyonce. She needs to take a break for about a year or so. Give me about a year or so Beyonce! Maybe just maybe, one day I will say, "I wonder whatever happened to Beyonce. I miss her."
  • hyacint... Tasha 7 days ago (edited)
    will I don't think should because it how she's made to be. SHE'S A STAR

    GO QUEEN B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beyonce dancing
  • donna.rogers.351 2014/06/17 15:49:26
    Kim Kardashian
    The name Kardashain makes me what to throw something at a wall. She clearly has an excellent publicist but they have little to work with and have blown up a client whose only claim to fame is the bank accounts of the men who do her.
  • safiya samy 2014/06/16 19:18:17
    Justin Bieber
    safiya samy
    i hate justen
  • cheshirewayne 2014/06/12 00:35:25
    Justin Bieber
    Send him back to Canada.
  • Jedi Ma... cheshir... 2014/06/29 11:05:59
    Jedi Master  Ashakta Li
    They'll send him back.
  • Jessica Pemby 2014/06/11 23:13:15
    Kim Kardashian
    Jessica Pemby
    Can someone please explain how being a vapid whore with a big ass makes you a STAR. That whole family makes women look like a bunch of idiots who have a bunch of money they waste and then everyone lazy person at home goes "I wish i were rich!" losers. At least the rest on that list are working. Yes annoying but thats only because you keep looking.
  • Cards2014 2014/06/10 21:05:24
  • wayne 2014/06/10 14:37:08
    Justin Bieber
    I see him in the news way too often. Glad I’m not his neibor.
  • classicdisney1 2014/06/09 20:18:45
    Kim Kardashian
    I don't believe that Anne's hate was justified, because she hasn't really done anything but her job ever since she got famous for the "Princess Diaries" movies. She hasn't done anything to tarnish her career, and so all those people who gave her hate for acting to dramatically seem like they are just nit-picking. However, I do give her props for taking it down a notch when people told her to, though it was not needed. Not many stars, such as Bieber, Cyrus, ESPECIALLY Kardashians, actually listen to their fans. Even though, the Kardashians are not famous, they are infamous. One must realize the difference between the two. The Kardashians have done nothing to help the society, all they do is just benefit themselves, there is no point in their popularity. I have said it many times, and I will say it again: the Kardashians have gotten famous for a freaking sex tape for Christ's sake! Yeah, their father was in the O.J. Simpson trial, but nobody gave a crap about his family then, so why should we now? What have they done in their spare time that hasn't just either benefitted themselves or embarrassed them? Countless clothing/perfume lines, their own freaking reality show, and our wasteful money just keeps making them richer and richer for absolutely nothing.
  • Chaoxpancake 2014/06/04 15:36:59
    Justin Bieber
    Other than and Jennifer, I pretty much pick all of the above.
  • youcef benchouk 2014/06/03 10:08:23
    Kim Kardashian
    youcef benchouk
    هي كذلك تستعمل الكلمات العميقة
  • Cipher_Oblivion 2014/05/31 00:21:32
    Miley Cyrus
    I'm tired of her "look everyone, i'm a big girl now. Look how sexual i can be. I'm definitely not a Disney star now" thing. She has been laying it on waaaaaaaaayyyy too thick.
  • Sugar Skull 2014/05/30 22:38:44
    Justin Bieber
    Sugar Skull
    3 way split for me between Bieber, and Mr. & Mrs. West with Cyrus a close whatever.

    Anne and Jennifer are all good with me. Seacrest? Meh.
  • Jeff Ogreman 2014/05/27 16:59:49
    Anne Hathaway
    Jeff Ogreman
  • moisttrout 2014/05/21 19:09:39
    Miley Cyrus
    To some extent, all of the above, or at least most of the above. But to narrow it down to one, I would like to go a day without having Miley Cyrus' tongue shoved in my face.
  • Kaleokualoha 2014/05/20 04:19:57
    Kanye West
    I absolutely LOVE Anne Hathaway!
  • Randy 2014/05/19 21:15:17
    Kanye West
    Kanye is probably number 2...I would say Lindsay Lohan and her stupidity would rank #1...anyone from the Kardashian family would rank #3...
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2014/05/17 18:21:28
    Anne Hathaway
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    I chose her, because she is the only one I Don't know more than I want to about! That said, there Are no 'stars' now--------they are All people who act like idiots just to get their names in the 'news' . If Hathaway had the good sense to step away from the trash, more power to her!
  • Jedi Master Ashakta Li 2014/05/15 10:31:50
    Justin Bieber
    Jedi Master  Ashakta Li
    A tie between Justin Boobface and Miley Vyrus.
  • truru46568 2014/05/14 21:06:05
  • heidi kunz 2014/05/11 13:04:18
    Kim Kardashian
    heidi kunz
    All of the above guy vominting
  • rabbit 2014/05/11 07:06:56
    Kim Kardashian
    She's not a star, but I'm sick of her just the same.... her momma too!!!
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