'Angry Birds' Joins Forces With 'Star Wars': Which Do You Like More?

Fef 2012/10/08 21:00:00
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"Angry Birds" will enter a galaxy far, far away with a new version of the game that combines the familiar feathered friends with well-known characters and settings from "Star Wars"
game combines familiar feathered friends well-known characters settings star wars

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  • Bradley Smith 2013/05/17 13:55:15
    Angry Birds
    Bradley Smith
    I clicked the wrong one... sorry angy birds but star wars is better
  • sydney mse34 2012/11/15 01:04:06
    Angry Birds
    sydney mse34
    star wars is lammmee
  • JROD 2012/11/12 07:28:51
    Angry Birds
    Star Wars is so boring.
  • XQNP 2012/11/11 08:39:42
    Star Wars
    Given the literally hundreds of novels, video games, and comics that make up a small part of the Star Wars franchise, this question is the proportional equivalent of comparing (to use a more mainstream point of reference) the entire Harry Potter franchise to the game of tic-tac-toe.
  • DecreeB XQNP 2012/12/28 03:43:42
    Though I agree, I think more people have played tic-tac-toe (or watched someone play it) than have played (or watched) Harry Potter. It's also been around longer, and literally everyone knows it :)
  • XQNP DecreeB 2012/12/29 05:49:02
    And I'd guess that there are more players of Angry Birds than people who have read a Star Wars novel. The analogy stands.
  • DecreeB XQNP 2012/12/29 20:05:37
    I didn't think about that, but that's very true.
  • Grant Davison 2012/11/11 01:11:40
    Star Wars
    Grant Davison
    "This is not the app you are looking for..."
  • NeutronBomb 2012/11/08 00:19:26
    Star Wars
  • debrarae POTL _ PWCM 2012/11/08 00:07:42
    Angry Birds
    debrarae POTL _ PWCM
    I love Angry birds.
  • Princess 2012/11/06 17:25:38
    Angry Birds
    I like Angry Birds more than Star Wars.
  • elizabeth.okoro.90 2012/11/05 22:53:07
    Star Wars
    angry birds is stupid..
  • Muinaiset 2012/11/03 01:05:37
    Star Wars
    Wow. I was seriously surprised how many votes Angry Birds had. How can the two even compare?
  • eminemfan 2012/11/02 20:20:26
    Angry Birds
    star wars is super boring FOR ME but i love angry birds i was one for halloween :)
  • Kazaira 2012/11/01 19:07:33
    Angry Birds
    i hate sci-fi stuff and star war D: <
  • Icon 2012/10/24 04:21:04
    Star Wars
    As if you even had to ask.
  • MercuryZero 2012/10/23 20:09:05
    Star Wars
  • Walter Pohl - Pollvaulter 2012/10/20 23:07:55
  • Lyndell "Still YDG'n?!" Banks 2012/10/20 03:30:12
    Star Wars
    Lyndell "Still YDG'n?!" Banks
    Only way I'd get the game is if Darth Vader and/or Emperor Pallpotine is killing every single one of those birds with force lightning. Oh how I dislike Angry Birds.....
  • maggot4life stay (sic) 2012/10/18 16:27:49
    Star Wars
    maggot4life stay (sic)
  • koyt 2012/10/18 00:25:31
    Angry Birds
    I loved angry birds , its the best .
  • Sandman366 2012/10/17 15:43:33 (edited)
    Star Wars
    I find your lack of faith disturbing.
  • neumo42 2012/10/15 23:02:32
    Angry Birds
    fun game
  • Com Kucuu neumo42 2013/02/20 11:08:13
  • Papilio 2012/10/15 09:20:33
    Angry Birds
    EHMM....What's Star Wars? O~o
  • Jess123 2012/10/15 03:41:54
    Star Wars
    Angry Ewoks... Where little Ewoks are being flung at those white clone things
  • robert.goldsmith.14 2012/10/15 00:02:30
  • king robert.... 2012/10/18 04:50:29
    haha so true!
  • Com Kucuu king 2013/02/20 11:08:31
  • Miss Fiona 2012/10/14 21:01:45
    Angry Birds
    Miss Fiona
    I haven't played either, but I'm not a fan of Star Wars.
  • Ashley 2012/10/14 17:12:21
    Star Wars
    how about NEITHER?
  • Fockq 2012/10/13 04:36:54
    Star Wars
    angry birds is retarded
  • Siara Singh 2012/10/13 03:29:40
    Star Wars
    Siara Singh
    Star Wars Legos is one of the best games out there..although i've never seen the movies
  • job321 2012/10/12 19:11:26
    Angry Birds
    i am angry that not many people like angry birds
  • Blind guardian 2012/10/12 04:17:25
    Star Wars
    Blind guardian
    your never to old to have the force
  • ShimmeryGlitter 2012/10/12 02:34:15
    Angry Birds

    You know you wanna click it:
  • lovemykiddos 2012/10/12 02:18:57
    Star Wars
    This will be a cool combo but star wars is forever angry birds are a footnote of the year.
  • ShamshirMkII 2012/10/11 03:14:59
    Star Wars
    A slingshot and irate avian creatures are no match to a lightsaber by your side, kids :D
  • countrygirl16 2012/10/11 02:00:56
    Angry Birds
    I don't really like star wars
  • Kigan 2012/10/10 13:53:36
    Star Wars
    I think I missed when Star Wars became desperate enough to team up with Angry Birds.

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