K5renee 2011/10/01 20:05:44
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Let's do a simple recap of the game.

Just like last week the Aggies are up at the half and it looks like we could definitely win the game. But then, halftime comes around and the Aggies don't come back out as strong as they were before.


Aggies are at a 4th down with 1 yard to go, what does Sherman do? He punts the ball.
Few minutes later, 4th and 1 AGAIN. What does Sherman do? HE PUNTS THE FUCKING BALL!!
Way to have faith in your team coach.

That is now TWO possessions in a row that A&M; hasn't scored.

Later in the game, A&M; NEEDS TO SCORE on this drive.
It comes down to 4th and 2. What does Sherman do? HE GOES FOR IT!.....and doesn't make it.
...Game over.

my response to this game.....That is 2 weeks in a row that shitty play calling has lost us a game. I'm not saying that Arkansas couldn't have stopped us, but we practically handed them the win on a silver platter in the second half.

I'm sick of all this bullshit play calling. I say FIRE COACH SHERMAN!!!!!!!

He's and fucking pansy! Get a coach that actually has a pair and is willing to go balls-out and go for it on 4th down!!
Once again......FIRE HIS ASS!! He is no good for this team! We've been facing this same bullshit for the past 2 years!

Anyways, what do you guys think about this game?
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  • jackolantyrn356 2011/10/02 18:05:10
    I'm an Arkansas fan so......
    Please do not call me an Arkansas Fan I'm a "Razorbacker" Now that might not be fair to them lil' ol' Teaxs "Letter Carriers", but dem's de breaks. Wooooooooo Pig Sooooooooooooie!
    Thank you all very much. I didn't mean no offence to the "Gentle Bindle Standard" Thank you
  • K5renee jackola... 2011/10/02 21:51:17
    ......"Letter Carriers"..? well that's a new one. Lol

    Must be an Arkansas thing
  • wolf sloan 2011/10/01 20:24:07
    Loss was due to play calling.....shouldn't have lost.
    wolf sloan
    should have run the old "statue of liberty" play
  • K5renee wolf sloan 2011/10/01 21:07:59
    Lol, that play is so cheap :P

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