Alice Cooper Believes in Demons: Do You?

Music 2010/10/31 11:00:00
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Hard rock singer Alice Cooper, well-known for his gory and gruesome acts on stage, revealed that he doesn't really believe in ghosts, but he definitely believes in demons.

"I love watching those ghost hunter shows," Cooper told Metro, "but I'm a Christian so I don't believe there are spirits on the loose who haven't been assigned to heaven or hell. I think these ghost hunters are dealing with demons. They can run around doing what they want to do and can imitate all sorts of things."

Though Cooper has become more vocal about his Christian faith in recent years, he continues to tour comfortably with more irreverent heavy metal acts like Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, though he reportedly took issue with the latter over Manson's explicitly anti-Christian antics.

When Metro asked him to clarify if he really believes there are demons out there interacting with us, he responded, "Absolutely. Jesus spent half his time dealing with demons and throwing them out of people. I don't think you just float around when you die - there's judgement, you either go to heaven or hell."

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  • Yaser Natanyahu 2011/03/28 02:32:21
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Yaser Natanyahu
    I do believe in demons. They are those who died and the Devil does not want them in hell (too much competition) and God does not want them in heaven (not good examples of well lived lives) so the float around trying to scare you!!!!! Just kidding!! I'm with Alice here: Jesus spent half his time dealing with demons and throwing them out of people. I don't think you just float around when you die - there's judgment and you either go to heaven or hell.
  • David850 2011/01/06 14:49:42
    Yes, I believe in demons
    I agree with Alice.
  • vitaminanime 2010/11/04 02:06:25
    i heard that Alice Cooper got his name from a ouija board
  • nightlight 2010/11/02 11:33:48 (edited)
    Yes, I believe in demons
    I only checked the answer I checked to answer this question and my answer is not an opinion.

    Well, I do now. Isn't that one in the picture furnished with this post?
  • Maximus 2010/11/02 04:03:50
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Demons are probably those murderers and psychos out there.
  • Clariss... Maximus 2010/11/02 06:29:55
    thats so true..thats what I call demons too =)
  • darwolf 2010/11/02 03:58:06
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Yes i believe in demons the Devil and fallen angels.
  • Ash-the-empress 2010/11/02 03:35:19
    Yes, I believe in demons
  • nightlight Ash-the... 2010/11/02 11:37:58
    She looks like she is hving a REALLY good orgasm.
  • patti 2010/11/02 01:56:01
  • Ed 2010/11/02 01:53:29
    Yes, I believe in demons
    The Billion Dollar Baby tour was my first Rock Concert and it was at The MSGarden in the city. Love Cooper always a class act and has always had a great band with him. I remember when he had Mike Pinera playing guitar on one tour. I had the opportunity to meet Mike Pinera in Marco Island Florida and shared the same stage. He is one crazy-Cuban dude Pinera.

    We did not plan it this way, But a few years ago Alice Cooper played in Naples Florida and it turned out to be my son's first rock concert.
    Then a few years later, my son and I play in the same band, he's the one with the white strat
  • KMSROX 2010/11/02 01:13:59
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Hell yes!!! I was married to 3 LOL!!! In all seriousness... YES I WAS MARRIED TO 3... actually yes i do and i have seen them and to this day still do!! I lived in a haunted house when i was a kid and when we moved it followed me... no matter where i live its there. I have lived where i am now for nearly 30 years and there is paranormal activity quite frequently.
  • Magyarita 2010/11/02 01:04:44
    Well, there was that kid here in STL who the movie The Excorsist was based off of.
  • Bullet2myHeart666 2010/11/02 00:36:32
    Yes, I believe in demons
    I do believe in them, like the demons that are in your head and just taunts you, my sister is going thru some stuff, and this "little boy" is in her dreams everynight and he "shows her" how he's going to kill our family. I think of that little boy as a demon, he has hurt her so much.
  • DeafGary 2010/11/02 00:15:36
    Yes, I believe in demons
    I believe Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven and, being one of three archangels, took his share of the lower angels, with him.
    They are now serving him and their raiment is that of demons.
  • Heather ~Warrior Princess~ 2010/11/01 23:40:06
    Heather ~Warrior Princess~
    meant to hit yes. Scripture says that there are demons so I believe that there are.
  • Walks_on_Clouds 2010/11/01 22:43:32
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Luckily, there are 2/3's more good angels than bad ones. Anyone who is Christian and believes in Scripture has no choice but to accept this.
    The choice is, who will each of us entertain on a daily bases? And how? Scary when one thinks of dealing with the supernatural.
  • Arclight 2010/11/01 22:13:42
    No, I don't believe in demons
    ...but I believe the guy in the photo could be a demon.
  • kobidob... Arclight 2010/11/01 23:04:12 (edited)
    A demon is not what a person looks like,or the title they have. A demon in whoever will hurt, and destroy humans thinking it is good lusting to kill humans,accuse, and condemn giving guilt wanting to consume them like we want to consume food.A demon will also want humans to go whoring after the same hatred they have feeling justified by using the bible, but God does none of those things hence a demon is influencing humans to believe a lie,and the end results is humans hurting humans having them hide in fear ,and God draws whoever with love beyond understanding giving life to the soul unto eternal life. A demon in a human would never do that at all. KJV is the only translation you should use, and consider the whole story,and not just a verse or two. Also Knowing the rest of the bible comparing scripture with scripture is important too,and knowing God who is Jesus the fulfillment of the law of God that has a loving beyond compare is important too.
  • Christine 2010/11/01 21:49:13
    No, I don't believe in demons
    I don't really believe in ghosts or demons, but then again I don't really think of them often. I'm not a religious person either. (Just putting that out there) I wouldn't be surprised if there were demons, but I really don't know. But it doesn't really matter to me either.
  • Ritsuka 2010/11/01 21:22:21
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Yes, I believe in demons.
  • Deleted 2010/11/01 20:46:36 (edited)
  • BoredCollieDogRIPmissDyouRm... 2010/11/01 20:08:56
    Yes, I believe in demons
  • Analove... BoredCo... 2010/11/02 01:40:00
    lol nice pic haha
  • BoredCo... Analove... 2010/11/02 01:57:11
    Thanks...I do my best. :)
  • Analove... BoredCo... 2010/11/02 22:31:57
    well it'z really funny i thought this was like serious and then these pictures pop out outta nowhere hahaha
  • BoredCo... Analove... 2010/11/02 22:52:02
    I love Alice Cooper and I'm glad to hear he takes this stuff seriously because I do believe in in as well...from a serious perspective that is.
    But the pics are just too much fun! :)
  • Analove... BoredCo... 2010/11/02 23:05:23
    yeah lol
  • pj 2010/11/01 19:44:52
    Yes, I believe in demons
    I believe they exist and appear in many forms. The Bible says they exist and I believe the Bible.
  • cscrider 2010/11/01 19:04:11
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Yes I believe in demons, and spirits, and other beings. I think that Alive Cooper needs to read the Bible better about the assigning comment of spirits.
  • Fergie 2010/11/01 18:54:57
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Belief in the existence of demons/angels is part of being a Christian..Alice Cooper is an outspoken Christian so it is no surprise that he believes this
  • Lynn 2010/11/01 18:38:31
    No, I don't believe in demons
    But I do believe in Alice Cooper. He rocks.
  • The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck No... 2010/11/01 18:35:35
    Yes, I believe in demons
    The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck Norris]
    I do indeed. I have no doubt that there are malevolent and otherworldly forces out there.
  • TrueRedWhite&Blue 2010/11/01 18:28:43
    They have posessed the DEMONIC RAT IC party.
    Just LOOK at Nazi Pelosi, and the rest of the old demonicrat hens.
    Then there's the followers......
    Zombified sheeple going Obaaaaama, Obaaaaama.
  • Trystan 2010/11/01 18:21:25
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Demons are very real. Just like god and satan.
  • Charlie 2010/11/01 18:17:31
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Hell yes. In fact I think we got one setting in the oval office right now. But then I could be wrong, he may be playing golf somewhere or out on the campaign trail promoting one of his minions.
  • Qynne 2010/11/01 18:12:22
    No, I don't believe in demons
    ummmm... no. just... no.
  • King of the woodland realm 2010/11/01 18:09:37
    Yes, I believe in demons
    King of the woodland realm
    hell yes!!!
  • Anthony Wingless 2010/11/01 17:37:09
    Yes, I believe in demons
    Anthony Wingless
  • Honwe74 2010/11/01 17:13:08
    Yes, I believe in demons

    this one gives me nightmares
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