A.J Burnett: Biggest enigma in baseball?

Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2010/08/07 04:45:39

Let's be honest he's tought to figure out. He has electric stuff and matches up with the best pitchers in baseball when he's on. But when he's off he's just awful. And you also feel bad for him because he shows no lackadasical effort whatsoever he's always been known as a hard worker and is well liked in the clubhouse. And he's pitched some really big games too like a pitchers duel against Josh Beckett at Yankee stadium and shutting down the Phillies lineup in game 2 of the 2009 World Series. He's just so inconsistant you expect him to blow up sometime when he strings in a few good starts in a row. Part of it is probably because he's primarily a two-pitch pitcher... heavily reliing on his fastball and curveball. When he doesn't have one of his pitches working the opposing team sits on the one pitch and have the timing on it... making him hittable. He also has had control problems throughout his career and is always amongst the leaders in walks, wild pitches, hit batsmen, etc. He hasn't had his hook for most of the season... which is mainly why his strikeout total is low this year. He's overcome his injury problems in the past and i give him credit for that but he hasn't overcome his inconsistancies. And at age 33 that Cy Young type season probably won't come... even though he has the ability to do it. So is this guy an underachiever, enigma or what because the Yanks gave this guy a ton of money thinking he ironed out everything and knew that this was a gamble to begin with. Now A.J seems like he's turning out to be a bust... at least this year.
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