Ain't That A Kick In The Shin: Would You Play This Painful Sport?

It was hard for me to watch this video. Not just because it featured people getting kicked in the shins, but also because every time I see a strange sport being reported by a well-spoken English man, I feel like I'm watching a Monty Python sketch. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. The sport is so silly and strange that it feels like it must be a joke...but it's not.

I wonder if any of you would be willing to go head-to-head in mortal shinbat with one of these Brits. Let me be the first to say, "no way."

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  • kassy the killer koala 2010/06/17 20:42:55
    kassy the killer koala
    i am a psychopath who thrives on other people's pain so...i really can't protest. except to say...kinda a waste of time.
  • sjhorner 2010/06/13 14:43:59
    I have found avoiding pain is very beneficial in maintaining happy outlook on life
  • Rubyzandra 2010/06/12 16:07:00
    It was like watching my little brothers and sisters kicking at each other when they were mad about something before they learned how to box. Whoever had the longest legs won.
  • Zoderi 2010/06/11 22:44:02
    My question is: What state of mind was the person in when they invented this sport? LOL
  • Dandydon 2010/06/11 22:18:08
  • Will on the road again 2010/06/11 21:10:41
    Will on the road again
    Peter, you do come up with some off the wall stuff. This just looks painful.

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