Adrien Brody's Day Off [VIDEO] - Is Comedy Changing?

Another very very strange video that's circling the internet. Adrien Brody wakes up and walks around the earth...then, into outer space...then he turns into pure energy and reshapes the universe.

Is everyone online, on acid?

To be honest, I found this video to be really funny, but still I wonder if what we think of as funny is different now then it was thirty years ago because of the internet. What are your thoughts on this video, comedy, or the Brodiverse?

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  • jacktown kid 2010/06/29 15:48:45
    jacktown kid
    Who knows if Comedy is changing or not
  • Rubyzandra 2010/06/17 03:09:24

    Yes, it is way different. Here's what we thought was humor 30 yrs ago.
  • P-Funk 2010/06/17 02:20:54
    If this is really what passes for comedy nowadays, then yes, comedy has changed A LOT.

    Comedy used to be funny.

    This was inane.
  • runningintriangles 2010/06/17 01:50:54
    It makes me think of some of those Monty Python sketches they did with cut-outs. I wouldn't say it's anything new. It's just silliness.... and this one wasn't even that funny.

    I don't think comedy has changed that much, just the venue has.

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