Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' Is Now Biggest-Selling Digital Song by a Woman in the U.S.: Do You Love the Song?

The Big Question 2012/03/03 01:55:38
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  • Tylurr 2012/03/03 19:10:04 (edited)
    I'm looking at the comments and seeing more support than not, so I have a feeling this will fall on deaf ears (See what I did there?) but hey, oh well.

    I really just didn't like it. It sounded almost Aretha Franklin-esque to me, except....Poor. It's not a BAD bad song, we aren't referring to Rebecca Black or Bieber here, but it's NOT worth the acclaim it's received, in the LEAST.

    And the radio. I feel like the radio ruined it for me, because every time I'm out, whether I'm in the passenger seat or the drivers seat, and flip through channels, THAT SONG pops up. Overplayed, overrated, and just...Not all that GOOD. It's better than most of what's come out in recent years, but that's like saying having a little mold in your food is better than having it rot to the core. =\

    I really hope the music industry makes a comeback, and I feel like when they do, she won't be a part of it. Which is unfortunate, she has a decent voice. Just an overdone style.

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  • bricknator 2012/03/13 03:21:14
    not bad, but nothing special
  • Sterling 2012/03/08 00:44:38
  • Wave Rider 2012/03/07 18:53:08
    Wave Rider
    great style
  • Kaley Gilbert 2012/03/07 04:25:51
    Kaley Gilbert
    I liked the song until they overplayed it on the radio. I was literally hearing it 4 times a day. I'm still a huge Adele fan, I just think she has much better songs than this one.
  • Barbara 2012/03/06 23:13:32
    I like the song and she has a beautiful voice. I can see the song really getting on my nerves if I had to hear it too often.
  • 200% 2012/03/06 04:35:16
    Congratulations to Adele though.
  • ★misfit★ 2012/03/06 03:49:51
    She's a good singer. I'm not a big fan of all her music, but Rolling in the Deep is great.
  • Gassenjunge 2012/03/06 03:43:06
    No, it's definitely not my style.
  • Aspect of B 2012/03/06 02:41:02
    Aspect of B
    anger meme

    Look, that song is just over-everything. Overplayed, especially. I loved it for maybe the first dozen or so plays on the radio, liked it for the next dozen, but by dozen #3 I had had enough. And that was almost a year ago now. I feel like the more I want to get away from it, the more of a presence it gets. In everything. Radio, TV, internet, my world is being consumed by Adele. And if we're going to be consumed by an Adele song, let it be a really good one, like Set Fire to the Rain or Don't You Remember. >.>
  • Just Je... Aspect ... 2012/03/06 19:43:09
    Just Jenn for Now
    ^ AGREED.

    Set Fire to the Rain is the only song of hers I can enjoy. I have no idea what fuels the public's taste for Rolling in the Deep or, even worse, Someone Like You. Fans go nuts over these songs, I can't help covering my ears.

    Also, compare Rolling in the Deep to KT Tunstall's "The Black Horse & The Cherry Tree". It may just be me, but I can't help see similarities in tone and style, even if there's a lot of differences, but when I heard Adele for the first time, I thought it was Tunstall singing... guess not. :\

    Here's actually a good way to compare the two if you want to see what I'm talking about: http://youtubedoubler.com/?vi...
  • Aspect ... Just Je... 2012/03/06 23:01:56
    Aspect of B
    Cherry Tree is the song that Rolling pretends to be, tbh. >.>
    I see similarities, but there are way more differences. And I don't like Someone Like You either! :D

    high five
  • 214scifi Aspect ... 2012/05/09 09:14:41
  • geneticmistake 2012/03/06 00:42:42
    For me Adele songs are good for at most 5 listens. Then I've heard enough.
  • prosperhappily 2012/03/05 22:46:38
    Great song.

    But, where are all the feminists decrying it's threats of domestic violence?

    Politics aside, I really do like the song. She's very talented.
  • Anna E 2012/03/05 21:44:59
    Anna E
    I think the tune is stupendous. I gotta dance every time I hear it.
  • skyperkins1 2012/03/05 16:14:00
  • Ketel-One 2012/03/05 14:40:44
    It's way to overhyped. I don't like the song to begin with
  • alanh 2012/03/05 14:16:02
    not for me!
  • AM 2012/03/05 12:59:24
  • 214scifi AM 2012/03/05 22:59:14
    Amen sister!
  • luke 2012/03/05 11:59:14
    I don't love it.

    I don't hate it, nor do I hate her work, I just don't particularly like the song to the point in which I would say that I "love" it.
  • ☆Hitler was a community org... 2012/03/05 10:46:52
    ☆Hitler was a community organiz☆
    she could give Nancy Wilson of Heart some serious competition...
  • lady blue 2012/03/05 09:22:04
    lady blue
    I love Adele. I love 'Rolling In The Deep' and all of her songs.
    She's an awesome singer and she has a very beautiful face.
    Kudos to her and I wish her the very best of luck !
  • David (oYo) 2012/03/05 09:22:02
  • Just Jenn for Now 2012/03/05 09:17:17 (edited)
    Just Jenn for Now
    I cannot STAND Adele anymore. Adele, Adele, Adele. That's all that is in music media anymore.

    Yes, I said it. I bloody HATE Adele. COME AT ME, BRO. I used to think she was okay, but since no one knows how to SHUT UP about Adele, she's sunk to the bottom of the barrel for me personally. Deal with it.

    Adele, GTFO already. You are OVERRATED. You are NOT original. Please, music industry, bring us something NEW and more talented to talk about!!

    Adele derp

    EDIT: Want proof?? Here. "Rolling in the Deep" compared directly to KT Tunstall's "Black Horse & A Cherry Tree". You cannot deny similarities between the two, and honestly when I first heard Adele, I thought it WAS Tunstall.... unfortunately, not so:

  • ☆Hitler... Just Je... 2012/03/05 10:32:07
    ☆Hitler was a community organiz☆
    ya...LMAO...like there is anyone out there "original"...lame argument
  • Just Je... ☆Hitler... 2012/03/05 19:57:43
  • 214scifi Just Je... 2012/03/05 22:56:42
    What's wrong with her eyes? Is that a photoshoped photo?
  • Just Je... 214scifi 2012/03/06 19:37:19
    Just Jenn for Now
    Yup. :D
  • redroses 2012/03/05 09:17:03
    I like 'Set Fire to the Rain' better but 'Rolling in the Deep' is a really good song.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/03/05 08:02:32
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    It is overplayed, but what popular song isn't? When I first heard it, I was amazed by it. It's simple in it's formula... a steady thundering kick drum (played on a real drum set by a human drummer), a guitar, and a piano. No auto tuning, no fluff, just a hard driving bluesy song. Worth listening to on a pair of studio monitors or headphones.
  • Resp 2012/03/05 07:54:15
  • 214scifi Resp 2012/05/09 09:16:03
    I wish I were in your shoes.
  • IzzieWuvvsYhu!™ 2012/03/05 06:41:27
    I don't dislike one song by Adele! I luvv her! <33
  • JingerJewels 2012/03/05 06:35:07
    Adele is the new voice of love loss Adele the queen of heart break
  • Juliet 2012/03/05 05:42:17
    it is stuck deep in my head!!! i specially LOVE this cover of it
  • ☆Hitler... Juliet 2012/03/05 10:35:03
    ☆Hitler was a community organiz☆
    good job
  • Bulanova (Team Hargitay) 2012/03/05 05:42:07
    Bulanova (Team Hargitay)
    I've somehow managed to insulate myself enough that I haven't heard the song and know almost nothing about Adele except for the snippets I see here on SH.
  • evceleb 2012/03/05 05:32:03
  • Sexuallobster 2012/03/05 05:18:01

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