A man just died from playing Diablo III for 40hrs straight. Do you think it is easy to get addicted to playing?

HAHAJKDOTCOM 2012/07/19 23:08:08
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Would it be cool to die from playing too many video games?

HAHAJK.COM reports:
The years of anticipation for Diablo III have undoubtedly yielded long sweaty play sessions since its release on May 15, but one fan's obsession with the game has finally proven fatal.

sweaty play sessions release 15 fans obsession game proven fatal

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  • Doctor 2012/07/20 01:40:02
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    Now if you excuse me, I must get back to Testing So I may get my Dilicious CAKE!
    Portal cake

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  • Belle 2012/07/20 23:03:53
    No way, I'm a machine! A Modern Warfare playing machine!
    I love games.....
  • Danielle 2012/07/20 21:47:07
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    I think this was a bit much in the case of this person who died.....most people aren't that bad....but it's sad how people would rather spend more time with a machine than with other human beings these days.
  • Jacqui 2012/07/20 20:42:53 (edited)
    Yes, that's why I don't play
    Well I do believe that it is because there is an addiction gene, & some people get addicted to anything.
  • Mallory 2012/07/20 20:08:03
    Yes, that's why I don't play
    I play a little but not think about it much. I have to many responsibilities.
  • john.keenan.792 2012/07/20 19:50:08
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    well ain't that dude an outright idiot with no scruples
  • yani118lovessasusaku 2012/07/20 19:45:22
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    the longest i've played for, is for 5 hours straight... then my head started to hurt and i started looking for food... i cannot live without food... especially chocolates...
  • llshadowz 2012/07/20 19:31:10
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    Why is there no option expressing I both acknowledge my addiction and don't care?
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/07/20 18:17:48
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    Margaret Jacobson
    sometimes play a game !!
  • EmoBunny13 2012/07/20 17:19:36
    I don't like video games
    I h8 video games :(
  • walkerarchitects 2012/07/20 16:53:15
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    Addiction is always life threatening.
  • Kaycee Mosely 2012/07/20 16:37:07
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    Kaycee Mosely
    It takes a stupid person to die from playing a video game too long. -__-
  • E.Sailor 2012/07/20 15:57:49
    Yes, that's why I don't play
    Those kind, of strategy games in the house. Something similar, i had heard for some people, who had played, the world of warcraft, in their house!
  • Squatch 2012/07/20 15:32:05
    Yes, that's why I don't play
    The games are very addicitng. I love to play them infrequently, but time passes so quickly when I play them it makes me less productive. When my boys get older I will probably play more.
  • Mario Powe 2012/07/20 15:02:26
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    Mario Powe
    But I wouldn't be playing Diablo 3
  • shellyBlink182ToMark17 2012/07/20 14:34:53
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    but same games are hard to quit but if you bet the game then ur done
  • Will Fletcher 2012/07/20 14:19:19
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    Will Fletcher
    No I can quit any day I want... just not today...
  • Thomas Stanford 2012/07/20 13:54:46
    Yes, that's why I don't play
    Thomas Stanford
    I've found I have to limit myself a lot on video games, because if I let myself, I would get addicted, and play it all the time. As it is, the amount I play (which is very little, like once a week) gets me addicted to a minor degree.
  • AlexTheDrummer 2012/07/20 13:51:31
    Yes, that's why I don't play
    Amis this seriously real? Man!
  • AlexThe... AlexThe... 2012/07/20 13:52:07
    I only play MineCraft.
  • W T 2012/07/20 12:59:18
    I don't like video games
    W T
    For some people it might be easier, true. But for a lot of people it isn't.
  • Gloria Diaz 2012/07/20 12:54:58
    Yes, that's why I don't play
    Gloria Diaz
    I used to be into video games when I was like 12-16, but I really don't play them anymore. I have one of those Atari all in one game systems and I played Asteroids a couple days ago, but after 15 minutes or so, I was done. I don't like the modern game systems; too many buttons, and if I want mindless escape, I don't see how having to study a manual and using cheat codes is worth it. Too much work. I enjoy Crazy Taxi, but haven't played that in over a year. Funny, I've got three game systems (two given to me by my ex-boyfriend) but I hardly use them. My theory about people heavily into video games is they don't have much going on in their lives except WoW. They have dull lives, and the only thing they are good at is gaming. I think they are kind of boring. I expect the generation of young men 20-40 are going to be more like young boys. They won't achieve anything, won't fight for anything, won't work for anything because they are too busy playing games.
    And they wonder why they don't have girlfriends!
  • Obama Your MommA 2012/07/20 10:49:59
    No way, I'm a machine! A Modern Warfare playing machine!
    Obama Your MommA
    I'm invincible on Mw3
  • joan.sloane 2012/07/20 09:20:35
    I don't like video games
    Video games never held any interest for me. I don't really understand how this man died from playing the game. Lack of sleep, stress, lack of food or water?
  • AlexThe... joan.sl... 2012/07/20 13:52:47
    I don't get it either.
  • Rebellion 2012/07/20 09:05:03
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    Only this who are strong enough, to take their eyes away from the screen at least for an hour.
  • Alexander T Steward 2012/07/20 07:03:41
  • TheTruth1313 2012/07/20 06:47:07
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    And I just don't feel like quitting now. LOL
  • Katja 2012/07/20 06:45:55
    Yes, that's why I don't play
    I belive it's some form of epilepsy. activates when brain cells go numb
  • Healingme 2012/07/20 06:38:21 (edited)
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    I like video games but playing 40 hrs is ridiculous,he didn't have a life
  • Maryam 2012/07/20 06:36:43
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    sure I can
  • tristarr 2012/07/20 05:39:30
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    you just have to have an issue.shower,eat,be social.save it for spare time.come on people.
  • BeerJingle 2012/07/20 05:30:44
    No, we can quit whenever we want
    That guy was such a doucebag, for what ever reason he played that long I don't know or care, but either way he deserved it.
  • Noobcake BeerJingle 2012/07/20 05:46:58
    Did you stop to consider that no person in their right mind would do this? It is almost certain that he suffered terribly from mental illness. He did not deserve death. YOU are the douchebag.
  • BeerJingle Noobcake 2012/07/20 05:56:53 (edited)
  • Noobcake BeerJingle 2012/07/20 06:19:49
    Stupid people don't stop eating for *40 hrs out of their own free will. People who are severely depressed or suffer acutely from some other mental illness do.

    Stupid people make ignorant assumptions about others as you do.
  • BeerJingle Noobcake 2012/07/20 06:51:34
  • Noobcake BeerJingle 2012/07/20 07:55:31 (edited)
    You don't know what you're talking about. Intelligence has nothing to do with mental illness and it is obvious that he DID suffer from mental illness. No one FORGETS to eat for 40 hours.

    And I'm defending him because he should be pitied, not ridiculed by you and others.
  • BeerJingle Noobcake 2012/07/20 08:17:45
    Well I am going to base this off the words of a wise man:
    Dying's for fools -Charlie Sheen.
    I am going to change it to suit: Fool -BeerJingle.
  • darren ... Noobcake 2012/07/20 10:05:44
  • Noobcake darren ... 2012/07/20 10:38:42
    Yeah, I already decided I wasn't going to bother pressing on after THAT. I mean REALLY.

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