A final trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released today. Has your excitement level reached the point of being unbearable yet?

K5renee 2011/06/17 00:29:17
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I literally watched the trailer as soon as Apple released it on their website. This trailer left me shaking with excitement...no joke.

Here's the video :)

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  • Darcey 2011/06/19 23:26:04
    I CAN'T WAIT!!!
    AMAZINGG!!!! :)
  • Roger P 2011/06/17 08:34:23
    Not quite "unbearable"
    Roger P
    Part 1 was a snooze fest and I really don't like the where the plot line has gone....to me, Harry Potter without Hogwarts is just not that good.
    I don't like the fact that sex came into the series...too many of the fans are too young for the sexual aspect of it.
    I think it's crappy that they split the last one in two and made us sit through all of the time wasted in Pt 1 just so they could collect an admission price for two films instead of one.
    I'd say what I really think but, I'm sure I'd be reported for abuse and it wouldn't be pretty!
    YES, I'll still get DRAGGED to Pt 2 but, I am not paying for ANYTHING when I do go and I've already told them that but, they insist I go and see the last installment on the big screen.....Whooppeeeee! Whatta rip off!
  • Jareth Majere 2011/06/17 04:11:55
    Not quite "unbearable"
    Jareth Majere
    not going to see it
  • Katie 2011/06/17 01:31:15
    I CAN'T WAIT!!!
    I might actually explode before the movie even comes out!!
  • musicfan 2011/06/17 00:46:49
    I CAN'T WAIT!!!
    best trailer I see yet and yes it gets me pump up for next month last harry potter movie allready watched the trailer lots of times.
  • K5renee musicfan 2011/06/17 01:10:27
    I've lost count of how many times I've watched it. Lol.

    the first time i watched it i was shaking and almost in tears :3

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