5 things you need to know about Dwayne Johnson's DC superhero LOBO!! 5 Things You Need To Know About Lobo

Kyle 2012/05/28 18:32:20

Since Dwayne Johnson drunkenly leaked that he just MIGHT be playing DC staple Lobo in an upcoming movie for Warner, we’ve been scratching our heads wondering what that movie might look like.

Well as it turns out it might be pretty awesome. We’ve assembled the
ultimate rough guide for those who might be wondering who the hell Lobo
is, and what a movie about him and starring The Rock might turn out to
be. Here are the top 5 things you need to know:
(My Lobo-lore might be a little rusty so please let know in the comments
if I forget/misremember something!)

1. He's a mix of Wolverine, The Punisher and Superman.

5 lobo-lore rusty comments forgetmisremember 1 mix wolverine punisher superman

When I read Lobo, the main thing I loved about him is how he
literally didn’t give a shit. He’s an alien who has murdered his entire
race for a high school science project. He then gave himself an A. He’s
got some important superpowers, can survive in space and really REALLY
loves drinking and having sex. He’s an antihero in that he’s both parts
helping and hindering the forces of good in the DC universe. He’s got
super-regenerative healing (like Wolverine), smokes and drinks (like
Wolverine), has a strict moral code that he never breaks in his work,
kills those who need to be punished (like Punisher) and is as strong as a
Kryptonian (like Superman).

2. He’s been hell, fought the devil then fought god.

punished punisher strong kryptonian superman 2 fought devil fought god

During the Reign In Hell miniseries, Lobo went to Hell. Or
his soul did, and while there he took on a version of the devil/ demon
called Neron, rampaged through Hell to seek revenge and then took on a
version of God called Plutus. He won most of these fights.

3. He’s met Superman.

seek revenge version god plutus won fights 3 met superman

At times he’s beaten him, been beaten by him and even helped him:
Lobo and Superman just keep on meeting and having quite the impact on
each other’s lives. As an antihero, Lobo was born to make problems for
the clean-cut American hero, Superman. The really interesting part of
this is that is DC is making a Lobo movie NOW, then maybe they’re
thinking of a little tie-in action with Henry Cavill’s Superman from Man of Steel? Man of Steel 2 featuring The Rock anyone? Let’s hope so.

4. He’s extremely into women.

superman steel steel 2 featuring rock hope 4 extremely women

Lobo likes to hang out at Al’s diner, where he flirts constantly with
waitress Darlene. If he’s not there, he’s in space having hot sex with
women so green it would make Captain Kirk embarrassed. Lobo’s rampant
romping across the universe goes hand-in-hand with his drinking. Expect
an R-rated movie, with plenty of triple-breasted hookers and bottles of
interstellar Jack Daniels.

5. He’s a bounty hunter.

plenty triple-breasted hookers bottles interstellar jack daniels 5 bounty hunter

Do you know any of space bounty hunters? Yeah you do. When he’s not
getting involed in adventures that he doesn’t want to be involved in,
Lobo can be found doing his day job: Bounty hunting and being a
mercenary across the galaxy bringing in aliens who aren't much more evil
than he is. Unfair, but it’s a living. His bounty hunting chums include
Dawg (a bulldog that Lobo doesn't quite claim ownership of) and a trio
of other less-than-reputable characters. Together they ride on space
motorbikes, tracking down scumbags to turn them in for money. I know, I
felt something move too.

That’s all the Lobo info I can think of, but that should be enough to
whet your appetite for more of the interstellar badass to appear on
your big screen. Let me know if I got anything wrong or missed anything
important! Stick your thoughts in the comments and let’s prepare for the
arrival of Dwayne Johnson’s space bounty hunter!

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