28 Days Later vs. 28 Weeks Later

Jax° 2008/04/15 00:39:18
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
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  • GregPSpradley 2011/01/10 06:31:50
    28 Days Later
    i love 28 days later, but i thought 28 weeks was well... weak. unlike days weeks characters and story was not compelling and found myself not even caring what happens to them. the best part of week is the first 15 minutes which Danny Boyle directed. The rest of week was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, and in my opinion did not live up to the first 15 minutes or to 28 days later.
  • Katie 2008/07/13 02:27:08
    28 Days Later
    I lovvved that movie, havent seen the second one though!
  • Kai-Neko 2008/07/13 00:13:38
    lol I know i have seen 28 days later but i can't remember if I have seen 28 weeks later... I'm sure I have.......................
  • i was lost n never found 2008/04/16 01:54:16
    28 Days Later
    i was lost n never found
    i didn't like 28 weeks latter
  • Jax° i was l... 2008/04/16 02:03:41
    It seemed to contained and the way they lost control was so stupid. Its like didnt thye have a plan B? like seriously they have all this preperation and no plan B. Other then Slaughter everyone.
  • i was l... Jax° 2008/04/16 02:05:09
    i was lost n never found
    yah i thought it was dumb
  • Jax° 2008/04/15 02:15:05
    28 Days Later
    It was better.
  • i was l... Jax° 2008/04/16 01:54:36
    i was lost n never found
    yes it is

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