2009's Biggest Losers: Who was the biggest loser of the year?

brainiac 2009/12/09 00:45:40
Kanye West
Sarah Palin
Tiger Woods
Barack Obama
Bernie Madoff
Balloon Boy's Family
The biggest dufus of the year was...
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  • Proud Conservative 2009/12/09 02:23:33
    Barack Obama
    Proud Conservative
    Barry Hussein Obama along with the Dems and Libs who voted for this guy, hey how's that hope and change working for you?

    In second place lets not forget, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd!!

    Please my fellow Americans, this whole group starting with Barry all the way down to you local Reps.have to be removed from political offices starting in 2010.

    We can stiil correct the damage they have done!!!

    Merry Christmas
    Proud Conservative

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  • kroy 2009/12/29 01:04:12
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    The biggest loser has to be the small companies in America... between Obama's Administration, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed's lunacy and the fat cats that play both sides, we have tied our own noose.
  • Ally 2009/12/29 00:53:20
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    Jon and Kate!!
  • Larissa 2009/12/28 21:15:32
    Balloon Boy's Family
    hahahaaaahhaaghahahaha!!!!!!!... baloons boys family LOSER!!!!!!!!
  • hannah 2009/12/28 20:38:40
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    kanye and tiger tied for me
  • b 2009/12/28 17:49:41
    Barack Obama
    HE is the biggest LIAR & Loser we have ever elected!! NO one is even a close 2nd!!
  • marycullen!! 2009/12/28 15:38:13
    Barack Obama
    not to b mean i think tha guy iz awsom, just not what he is doing
  • SSSSSSSSAAAMMM..... 2009/12/28 08:42:06 (edited)
    Kanye West
    Kanye West-the biggest loser
  • i love taylor lautner 2009/12/28 05:31:07
    Kanye West
    i love taylor lautner
    hey is so rude.. i mean embassing taylor switf but good singer and all that
  • Jessica D 2009/12/28 02:35:54
    Bernie Madoff
    Jessica D
    I was going to say Balloon Boy's Family...but they're just the most money grubbing, selfish people of the year. Not the biggest losers.
  • Terse! 2009/12/27 22:30:48
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    All of them they all messed up their and others lives
  • princess 2009/12/27 19:30:43
    Kanye West
    it wasnt his first out burst against a good celeb.
  • Piper 2009/12/27 18:17:51
    Kanye West
    he was such an A**HOLE to do that to Taylor
  • glori 2009/12/27 18:15:29
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    no idea what this is about but er u r lol
  • Jessica 2009/12/27 14:42:21
    Kanye West
    So rude in person, but great rapper.
  • biff 2009/12/27 05:58:59
    Bernie Madoff
    Madoff. Kanye blew it, but is still famous. Palin is getting rich off her book. Tiger is still rich. Mr. Obama became President. Madoff is going to spend the rest of his life in prison and be cursed by all the people he ripped off.
  • BlytheSpirit~bn0 2009/12/27 05:08:40
    Sarah Palin
  • glori BlytheS... 2009/12/27 18:18:39
    scary1!!! it looks like my mum,see my dashboad for info on her i got 2day i not a happy bunny
  • BlytheS... glori 2009/12/27 19:19:06
    I'm sorry you're not happy, but there are worse things than a new baby. (I can't think of any right now, but I'm sure there must be.) Hang in there!!! :)
  • Terse! BlytheS... 2009/12/27 22:51:59
    lol she is such tht surprised shes not a hermaphrodite dog
  • !!chu-che!!xoxo 2009/12/27 00:31:45
    Barack Obama
    obama knos wat he's doin.!.!
  • Jacks 2009/12/26 21:31:22
    Barack Obama
    B/O is the number one loser of 2009
  • Ali 2009/12/26 19:43:17
    Kanye West
    that was just rude!!! i'm sorry if your a "single Ladys" fan but that music video was only enjoyed by boys, i didn't really like it at all! Pluse Taylor Swift may only sing about boys, but her songs are good, and I DID really like the vid..
  • BieberetteForever 2009/12/26 17:30:15
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    It definitely has to be kanye west and tiger woods only because
    Tiger Woods cheated on his wife not once but like 8 times
    and I will hate kanye west forever he embarrassed Taylor Swift when she was saying her speech which was very very rude!!
  • NATHAN SMITH 2009/12/26 07:25:54
    Balloon Boy's Family
    i mean ... if they wanted attention they should have robbed a bank or something
  • $@^^ ^^ ψ ☮☠ 2009/12/26 00:59:36 (edited)
    Tiger Woods
    $@^^ ^^ ψ   ☮☠
    The cruel, unfair, hurtful, other-peeps-ain't-important, fat, stupid, only-can-golf, JERK!
  • Mark Bonner 2009/12/25 23:20:56
    Barack Obama
    Mark Bonner
    He coulfd of done so much good and he just sold himself to his special interest groups and accomplished nothing.
  • Beverly 2009/12/25 22:43:47
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    .. no comment..
  • Lila 2009/12/25 20:52:20
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    The biggest losers are JUSTIN BIEBER haters!!!
  • WWE THE ULTIMATE!!!! ~ Come... 2009/12/25 16:41:03
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    WWE THE ULTIMATE!!!! ~ Come back to WWE Jeff.
    For me it was Kyle Sandilands.
    dufus year kyle sandilands
  • StefGob 2009/12/25 16:32:45
    Kanye West
    taylor swift=awesome
    kanye=go away
    all the other ones suck too...except Obama also losers are jon and kate and heidi and spencer
  • The heartless 2009/12/25 12:36:01
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    The heartless
    All of them...they all sucked..big time.................. dufus year sucked
  • glacial erratic 2009/12/25 09:10:38
    Sarah Palin
    glacial erratic
    Incoherent. No grasp of the issue. Reckless. Drops a bomb on here face book page every now and then. Truthfulness is questionable. Quit her governor' well before her term expired to write a book with many inaccuracies. Official responsibility is a blogger or a Face book poster. How anyone could think she is qualified to run for president is beyond me. .
  • TORTAL1TA 2009/12/25 08:41:44
    Balloon Boy's Family
    That was stupid.
  • ed 2009/12/25 03:44:37
    Barack Obama
    This empty suit can't make it without a teleprompter and Marxists around him.
  • Rose4Harry 2009/12/25 03:03:54
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    I really honestly couldn't choose between Kanye West and Sarah Palin, so i'll have to pick both!
  • it's kriss bitch!! 2009/12/25 02:56:49
    Tiger Woods
    it's kriss bitch!!
    I wanna say all of above. But I picked Tiger Woods b/c he really does deserve it!!!
  • claptonluvr 2009/12/25 02:45:23
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    Nancy Pelosi...eee dufus year nancy pelosi eee wwwwwwww
  • Gina R 2009/12/25 02:12:14
    Barack Obama
    Gina R
    Like the saying goes; Sometimes when you've 'won it all', you've actually lost it all. Obama will never be elected to anything again.
  • sara 2009/12/25 01:36:22
    Barack Obama
    i was going to say kanye west, but then i saw obama and he got overshadowed by far!
  • dw<3 2009/12/25 01:24:02
    The biggest dufus of the year was...
    all of them really ugh i can't stand a**hole people-_-

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