$1,500,000: Would You Sell an Oscar You Won at Academy Awards?

Fef 2013/02/22 17:00:00
"Show me the money!"
"You like me, you really like me!"
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Oscar winners agree that they will not sell their golden statuettes without giving first right of refusal to Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences set at one dollar. However, many of Hollywood's elite Oscar winners have sold their Academy Award Oscar regardless.

NEWS.MSN.COM reports:The Oscar statuettes cost $400 each to make, but can sell on the open market for thousands.
news msn reports oscar statuettes cost 400 sell open market

Read More: http://news.msn.com/pop-culture/how-much-is-an-osc...

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  • laydeelapis 2013/02/23 05:13:01
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    If I've made it to the point of winning an Academy award, I probably make enough that I can afford to keep the thing.

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  • kitkat42 2013/02/25 19:44:39
    "Show me the money!"
    Sure, I bet there are a few down and out actors who have one that would love to get that kind of money. Not all the winners are rich. Its a hunk of metal and the money could be used for so much more.
  • Jack's Pearl 2013/02/25 19:34:47
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    Jack's Pearl
    No. I would feel honored to be recognized and no amount of money would be worth it to me to take my Oscar away.
  • Ticker 2013/02/25 07:11:13
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    If you won an Oscar you're probably not hurting for work...or money
  • Gir 2013/02/25 05:33:56
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    No way I'm trading the king of tchotchkes for 15000 pieces of toilet paper! /s
  • tes 2013/02/25 05:32:11
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    No Way!!!! I love to act and my Big Dream is sindsyg 2 win a Oscar so if i won one I would never ever sell it!
  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2013/02/25 01:19:31
    "Show me the money!"
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    And spend it all on blackjack and hookers!

  • Ms. Macabre 2013/02/24 23:40:36
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    Ms. Macabre
    I love movies and acting. If I won an Oscar, like hell if I'd actually sell it! I'd be way too proud! Besides, If you won it, chances are you're rich anyway (being a movie star and all)
  • ღ♥ღ ℒea ღ♥ღ 2013/02/24 22:12:36 (edited)
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    ღ♥ღ ℒea ღ♥ღ
    if I won an Oscar, I would think I would have an established acting career that providing me with enough money I didn't have to sell off an award. To me that something people do when they are washed up, no longer famous, or drugs took everything away where they need money.
  • Rude&Reckless 2013/02/24 19:37:56
    "Show me the money!"
    I totally would! Shoot, that would be my motivation for winning an Oscar if I were an actor! To hell with artistic integrity...
  • I NEED A HORSE 2013/02/24 14:09:12
  • manendu 2013/02/24 13:13:00
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    it's not that gold that makes the statuette, it's something more precious than that, which actually has no resale value..
  • Jaguar 2013/02/24 11:46:51
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    I'd strap it to my car in true Tom Hanks style... Then I'd sell the car for 2 million :)
  • Tordgaard 2013/02/24 11:27:31
    "Show me the money!"
  • Nichole 2013/02/24 07:10:55
    "Show me the money!"
    I could do so much with $1,500,000.
  • sally 2013/02/24 05:13:13
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    Hell no! It's a sign of all my hard work and life spent on a film...Plus it looks really shiny...
  • Green is a color 2013/02/24 05:04:46
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    Green is a color
    If I won an oscar I would probably already be filthy rich...So I don't reckon I would.
  • Jiorgia 2013/02/24 04:56:24
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    It is an achievement of the highest order to win an Oscar, I wouldn't sell unless I really had to.
  • tomweberdesigns 2013/02/24 03:44:33
    "Show me the money!"
    Why not? $1,500,00.00 is too much money to refuse.

    The Oscar statues are probably made of the same cheap material found in your local trophy shop's stock, with a micro-thin, electroplated layer of 22 karat gold.

  • Darr247 2013/02/24 03:23:40
    "Show me the money!"
    For $1.5million, I would have an imitation oscar made and sell the original in a heartbeat.
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2013/02/24 02:30:36
    "You like me, you really like me!"
  • angel face 2013/02/24 00:45:06
    "Show me the money!"
    angel face
    For that much, hell yeah. Just not my first 20. If I have 30 then I will sell the last 10
  • SaltAndBurn ★ 2013/02/23 23:33:37
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    SaltAndBurn ★
  • Shadow Wolf 2013/02/23 21:06:17
    "Show me the money!"
    Shadow Wolf
    money lol i really need it atm lol
  • 3584413 Shadow ... 2013/02/23 22:40:32
    No. Why would I want to do that?
  • MkB 2013/02/23 19:32:01 (edited)
    "Show me the money!"
    Oscars today are like the 3rd place trophy I got at summer camp when I was a 13 year old. Meaningless.
  • heeheemee 2013/02/23 19:31:33
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    I would hope I wasn't down on my luck enough to have to sell it, and could appreciate it for what it stands for.
  • Sam 2013/02/23 19:06:06
    "Show me the money!"
    To pretend not to be an American would embarress me..so the truth is if i won an Oscar for anything i did in life..yes i would sell it. I would be able to take trips and go places i have never gone before...and for one small moment i would a true capalist with a life to look forward to. Spending money is what life is all about.
  • Bash aka Demondestroyer 2013/02/23 17:54:56
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    Bash aka Demondestroyer
    To my understanding you are't allowed to sell your Oscar. I would keep mine if I won one.
    Selling your Oscar would be like falling from grace and what you did to win one didn't matter.
  • Platinum Fangs 2013/02/23 17:19:14
    "Show me the money!"
    Platinum Fangs
    At a measly 1% annual interest rate, I could be making $15,000 a year off that. Thta's time I don't have to spend working a McDonalds.
  • Bob Anderson 2013/02/23 15:25:16
  • CONVOY 2013/02/23 14:34:05
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    If I won an Oscar, I'm pretty sure that I would have received a pretty high pay.
  • SpongeBob 2013/02/23 14:24:46
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    I would not sell it
  • Sahara 2013/02/23 14:24:16
    "Show me the money!"
    after i retire though, lol
  • Th8nos 2013/02/23 09:13:41
    "Show me the money!"
    When I saw the initial posting "$1,500,00"....hell ya, I'd sell it for that much!!!
  • 12natesface 2013/02/23 07:16:55
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    Talent can't be sold
  • Just Call Me Friend 2013/02/23 06:47:09
    "Show me the money!"
    Just Call Me Friend
    Yep...I can use the room for family photos!
  • Simmering Frog 2013/02/23 06:43:33
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    Simmering Frog
    Probably not. It would be a great symbol of artistic achievement.
  • J.MaisOui 2013/02/23 06:13:50
    "Show me the money!"
    -look up how the votes are counted and who's voting. it's no big deal...they're acting!!!
  • sglmom 2013/02/23 06:13:31
    "Show me the money!"
    With the proceeds designated to support charity ..
    (for example .. there's several local ones .. including those that support the unmet needs of Service-Connect Disabled Veterans/Retirees)
    I'd be willing to put the statue on the auction block ..
    to fund WORTHY Causes ..
  • SUPREME COSMIC POWER, (SCOPO) 2013/02/23 06:08:35
    "You like me, you really like me!"
    Sorry buddy, no way! I'll rather panhandle than do that! LOL!

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