13-Year-Old QB Commits To USC: Would Lane Kiffin Recruit A Toddler?

socallocal 2010/02/05 19:29:18
Kiffin would recruit any kid old enough to hold a football.
Kiffin draws the line at 13-years-old for recruiting.
I think Kiffin's recruiting...
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Lane Kiffin, the new USC football coach, got more than he bargained for on National Signing Day, picking up a 13-year-old quarterback for his 2015 class. David Sills plays quarterback for Red Lion Christian Academy in Delaware and has wanted to go to USC for all 13 years of his life. With a YouTube video circulating to show off the young quarterback's skills, Kiffin developed interest. Wasting no time, Kiffin reached out to Sills who verbally committed to become a Trojan.

Though Sills is clearly an extraordinary young football player, 13-years-old seems extremely young to make such an important commitment. The young man may think he wants to go to USC now, but who knows how he will feel in 5 years? Lane Kiffin appears to have no qualms about recruiting Sills, even though there's not even a guarantee the coach will still be at USC in 2015. Kiffin may be one of the most ruthless recruiters ever, but where does he draw the line?

Would Lane Kiffin recruit a toddler to USC?

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  • DIAMOND MIKE 2010/02/21 04:18:26
    I think Kiffin's recruiting...
    is quite understandable give the kids talent
  • Sarge 2010/02/07 04:24:21
    I think Kiffin's recruiting...
    I don't know Kiffin personally, but from everything reported on him...he has some serious character issues.

    With that said, this kids parents actually trust their kid in the hands of a guy who leaves a car crash in Oakland and then a train wreck in Tennessee?

    Recruiting kids at young age used to be a baseball thing, as the MLB was notorious for picking kids up at young ages. Now it's moving to football.

    I guess nothing is sacred anymore.
  • LANCE ALWORTH 2010/02/07 01:46:19
  • Melissa Rovinski 2010/02/06 17:59:24
    Kiffin draws the line at 13-years-old for recruiting.
    Melissa Rovinski
    Really 13?!?!? I understand having a dream and wanting to play for one team and one team only however things change. The whole 13 year old thing too.. thought the recruiting age was 18..
  • CODE 11 2010/02/06 17:33:13
    Kiffin would recruit any kid old enough to hold a football.
    CODE 11
    Yeah OK
  • Common Sense Conservative 2010/02/06 07:23:43
    Kiffin would recruit any kid old enough to hold a football.
    Common Sense Conservative
    Completely comedy. Grow up Kiffin
  • Gregaj7 2010/02/05 23:50:47
    Kiffin would recruit any kid old enough to hold a football.
    If that vid is any indication of the young-man's skills, Kiffin just might stay through at least the freshman yr of that kid. Whether or not this is a good idea at all is more up to his parents, than anyone else, including the child himself.
  • db coop34 2010/02/05 22:51:35
    Kiffin would recruit any kid old enough to hold a football.
    db coop34
    football destroyed my live, and coaches are to blame
  • lill 2010/02/05 21:37:04
    I think Kiffin's recruiting...
    Is a little excessive. For all he knows, this kid might not finish high school, or may lose interest in football by 2015.
  • Old Poet 2010/02/05 19:43:09
    I think Kiffin's recruiting...
    Old Poet
    He may be the best recruiter in America. It's his charactor in question. He just left my school high and dry after one year. Fortunately we found a real keeper with a week and recovered enough in two weeks to have a very good recruiting class. We are still having to fight through some of the garbage he left behind. He will be highly successful ay USC. It's where his heart is and we recovered just fine. In answer, He may be looking at the height and weight stats on new borns in every town in America. Do you have a new baby boy? Dial K for Kiffin....
  • Gregaj7 Old Poet 2010/02/05 23:51:45
    lol :)
  • huskers... Old Poet 2010/02/20 21:43:25
    His recruiting will probably be fine at USC since they seem to be able to stave off most investigations (violations) that other schools get nailed for. Somehow things get brushed under the rug there with very little prying into the actual facts. His dad was Defensive Coordinator at Nebraska for quite a while before becoming the Tampa Bay defensive coach. Monte is a very good coach, maybe can rein in Lane a little with some of his questionable antics. Would be funny if the kid decides to go to a different school. Mamas watch out for your babies. Nebraska is very happy with our Pelini brothers. You guys lucked out and got a coach who wanted to be there and stick around.
  • Old Poet huskers... 2010/02/21 20:37:27
    Old Poet
    Thanks, We think Coach Dooley will do just fine. Maybe we can see you guys in a BCS game a couple of years. Good Luck in the Big Twelve. You should have won it this year.
  • huskers... Old Poet 2010/03/04 00:54:45
    Yes, that Texas game was a heartbreaker. Hope both teams have great seasons and maybe we will see you in a BCS Bowl soon.
  • Old Poet huskers... 2010/03/07 14:52:26
    Old Poet
    Two great programs with storied traditions of excellent coming back strong.

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