We develop tools to meet the unique data collection needs of our publishers.

Web Design

Site integration is easy using SodaHead’s back-end polling technology.


Seamlessly integrate and enhance your mobile app with SodaHead polls.


Bridge the gap; your viewers are already watching TV with their laptops, tablets and mobile devices at hand.


SodaHead’s social polling provides marketers with the industry’s leading polling platform for publishing and sharing content.

Publish polls across multiple properties and platforms.

SodaHead’s fully customizable polling content management system is the ultimate framework for creating, publishing, managing, and analyzing opinion polls.

  • Easily create polls with unlimited answer choices
  • Images and Videos
  • Simultaneously publish polls to Web, Mobile, TV and Facebook
  • Schedule follow-up polls, based off users answers and feedback
  • Search, sort and filter through polls
  • Manage editorial access levels and affiliation

The most advanced and powerful voting architecture around.

SodaHead’s polling API goes anywhere you want, be it web, mobile, or Facebook.
Users of SodaHead’s APIs will be able to perform function, like:

  • Use current front-end implementation
  • Get rich demographic data
  • Retrieve questions and answer choices
  • Display images associated with questions and answers
  • Retrieve absolute totals, per answer and overall
  • Geolocate per answer choice