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I'm out there. Make that way out there. But chill. Staunch supporter of full 420 legalization, think the young people of today are the most creative, gutsy, loving and beautiful in history. Even the way they handle haters is a dramatic improvement over my generation. And as far as their hair, tats, piercings, etc., the most innovative since the Egyptians under the Pharohs. Respect and love them totally.

I'd like to meet

Andy Sixx, Travis Tatum Mills, Mikey Way, Christofer Drew, The Dali Lama, Pope Francis, the top dog Ayatollah in Islam, people who risk their lives to stand up to repressive governments, and all remaining two-bit dictators. People who like the stuff I like.


Legal 420, urban cyclist, complete with easy to read middle finger, researcher, writer, smoker, partyer. Hobby is social, political and economic theory. Mission: The greatest amount of liberty for the most people with a safety net for society's most at risk people, children, elderly, handicapped. More liberty, not less, fewer laws, not more, smaller, cheaper, less intrusive government but more severe penalities for those who do not repect, put at risk or cheat others. Believe all current systems suck. But my ideas are so off the wall they will never occur in my lifetime. But if I can get the ball rolling and someone else can improve on my ideas I will have made a contribution. Some of my ideas... all substances legal. But, you must not put others at risk. Eliminate the banks. How? No mas FDIC. You can still do business with them but at your own risk. Credit Unions only State chartered, aka never "too big to fail".. 4 day work week for full employment. Double minimum wage and tie it to inflation index that is used for salaried people. Somewhere there is a meeting point where the people who do the hardest work, at the bottom of the wage scale, make enough money to live well, be more secure than wage-slaves, and create a self-sustaining consumer economy so war is no longer an economic stimulant. There would be an initial jolt of inflation but after that it would stabilize. Private sector jobs must be 75%, public sector 25% Soft freeze on hiring til achieved. Government has to be sustainable, not passed on to future generations.. No pensions for political offices. Political leaders must use same health care system as the poorest citizens get. Obamacare scrapped for a Medi-care/Medi-cal system nationwide like we have here in CA. No one ever turned away, no premiums on people. Less preventive care but better than making minimum wage workers having their hours cut from 40 to 29. Way fewer government regulations with a 30% tax break if no worker complaints that year. No government projects of any type other than infrastucture until debt paid and our kids/grandkids no longer being financially raped. Campaign spending limits. Not how much they can raise, how much they can spend. Slash military spending worldwide by 50% immediately and put the money into space exploration. Obviously, you won't see me addressing any Chamber of Commerce lunches any time soon. I would rate this as most unlikely. But you never want to count me out completely. Fundamentally, I believe our two biggest obsticles, self-inflicted, there's a shocker, are lying and ego. And until we handle those we will be like rats on a wheel as the rest of our brain power will be hidden or remain self-locked until we do..Of the world's 7.5 billion people, 3.5 billion have either no roof over their head, no running water or only a 1 day supply of food. Fixing that is the new world priority. Not spending gad-zillions on weapons to kill people. If the governments of the world cannot transition us to this then they no longer deserve to exist. For the first time in history regular people can communicate all over the world. Those of us who have that ability have a duty to help those 3.5 billion or we are just as big of scumbags as those who currently treat the poor like dirt.


Dedicated to making the world as free as possible with the greatest amount of liberty possible for the young people of today. Full 420 legalization by 2017. It WILL happen, not because it's the right thing to do but because all the governments of the world are broke and they will do it for the money. Of this I am supremely confident. My other ideas, coming up, not so easy and not so fast.

Favorite Music

Musical tastes of a 22 year old. Long story but logical..

Favorite TV Shows

The Media. No longer even masking their bias, if God relies on Cronkite, Rather, Brinkey to advise, 90% of today's journalists either going to hell or doing hard labor Purgatory-Club Siberia with Sheriff Joe as camp commandant.

Favorite Movies

Inn of the 6th Happiness, Ruggles of Redgap

Favorite Books

The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff

Favorite Quotes

1. "Just because something causes pain doesn't make it good and just because something makes you feel good doesn't make it bad." -me Where did we come up with this convoluted nonsense?
2- "Every problem known to man except natural disasters, starts with a lie or deception of some sort". -me

Favorite Heroes

The young people of today, all groups from emo to scene to punk to indie to undefined, the soldiers being put into centuries' old feuds and still representing the 21st Century and m odern Western nations in an honorable way fighting a foe still stuck in the 9th century, any grass roots organization that takes on the status quo. The staus quo has given us 4,000 years of non-stop war, killing, starvation and poverty. We need to look at how we think, act, and behave. Each and every one of us. Looking within and improving something about us for our kids and grandkids. Then we need to improve ourselves as a species. Then we'll break for lunch. Afternoon schedule to follow. Oh, look at the time. 4:20! How cool is that?


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