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  • Singing Along with Mitch
    Miller, who died last week at age 99, signed some of its biggest names of the 20th century music and shepherded some of the biggest pop hits, including standards by Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, and Patti Page
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    Cory Frye 2010/08/04 23:58:30
  • Five Songs Displaced by Technology
    It makes me kinda melancholy to contemplate how technology’s dulled the impact of popular evergreens — and not just through sonic compression. ’Tis with a curmudgeonly cyber-tear that I bid farewell to five classics
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    Cory Frye 2010/08/03 23:03:52
  • ‘Wild Thing’ Made #1 . . . Groooooovy
    The timeless rocker snuffs it at 2 minutes, 34 seconds. It’s a speedy little sucker, catchy and aggressive. And according to its author, it came together almost as quickly.
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    Cory Frye 2010/08/03 23:00:44
  • For the Late Richard Wright, on His 67th Birthday
    David Gilmour and Roger Waters will rejoin for a date on Waters’ “The Wall” tour, but without Richard Wright, Pink Floyd can be no more.
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    Cory Frye 2010/07/28 20:21:46
  • How X and Kevin Costner Tamed the Wild West
    Discover the fascinating flick “Bad Day,” a Western made by Exene Cervenka and starring Kevin Costner, now available as a pay-what-you-want digital download to help Gulf relief efforts.
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    Cory Frye 2010/07/26 23:21:41
  • Heaven & Hell and Waters & Gilmour…One More Time
    Ronnie James Dio may have left this world in May, but his Heaven & Hell band-mates are sending him off with one last epic blast at London’s High Voltage Festival next weekend.
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    Cory Frye 2010/07/15 18:50:43
  • Say Hey, Jerry: Garcia to Be Feted by Those Other S.F. Giants
    The San Francisco Giants think well enough of the native son to honor him with an Aug. 9 “Tribute Night,” to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Dead frontman/guitarist/godhead’s tragic departure from this plane
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    Cory Frye 2010/07/13 23:28:31
  • He Don’t Ask for Much, He Only Wants Trust: Happy Birthday, Ringo!
    His birthday wish: “You know what I’m asking for: peace and love.” As is tradition, he asks that his fans make the same request at noon today.
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    Cory Frye 2010/07/07 18:15:25
  • Ten Songs Set on the Fourth of July
    10 great songs to celebrate Independence Day and the glories of summer, without the gate charge, the roller-coaster height requirement, or the pesky mosquitoes.
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    Cory Frye 2010/07/06 22:22:01
  • Death to the ’80s
    It's our duty to retaliate against aggressively marketed nostalgia. Thankfully, '80s vets the Vaselines and Wang Chung are up to the job.
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    Cory Frye 2010/07/06 21:56:44
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