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I guess I'll start with my favorites...as this question is usually hard for me to describe. I love dark colors, preferably red + black, red because of passion, love, and beauty; black because of death, life (in some cultures), darkness...eh, I'm a dark person in general, I really don't like a lot of bright, happy things, it's to common in my opinion. I love wolves, and find them to be highly misunderstood creatures. They take care of the deer and rabbit population, yet for some reasons people don't like them. I was upset a lot when I was little to see all these bear, lion, crocodile, snake, spider, and other toys of deadly/dangerous animals....yet hardly any wolves. I love to listen to music, without it I'd prolly go a bit insane, as music helps me to calm down when I'm upset or comforts me when I'm sad. I like to try to help everybody as best as I possibly can, as I'm normally a caring, helpful, and mostly giving person (there are things I will NOT give up...like my tacos...love em ^-^)

I'd like to meet

I'd like to meet all sorts of people, and possibly people who are a bit like me. I'm not sure what that kind is, but I'm sure that when I meet them I'll know ^-^.


Well..i guess playing games, listening to music, writing, drawing a lil, going out places with my half sister. Just being me (boorrriinnnggg xD)


Really, I like to write my poems/stories, listen to all types of music(preferably rock+metal), hang out in the woods, play video games (yes, I'm a woman gamer, so awesome right? xD)

Favorite Music

Rock, Metal...all types really. Except blues and Jazz....i REALLY dislike them..xD...though I won't say bad things about it except that I really don't like them.

Favorite Movies

Blood and Chocolate
Dawn of the Dead (cheesy yes i know)
and more...but I don't feel like describing the hundreds of them haha

Favorite Books

Cry Wolf and Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

Favorite Quotes

All That Glitters Is not Gold

Favorite Heroes



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