1. Create and upload new widget skins.
Any size will work. Hang on to the URL when you upload it. For an "ultra customized" widget, you'll be removing the default header, so your skin should include the wording you want for the question, and the background colors you want:

2. Using the Citysearch log-in, create a poll on http://dailypolls.sodahead.com/create-poll/.
When you're done, it will take you to the customizer. Set the size to the same specs as the skin you made, and add the image URL in the spot labeled Background Image URL. Coordinate the other color options as you like. Don't worry if it looks weird - you'll be fixing all that when you tweak the code:

3. Click DONE and grab the code that floats up on the right.
Paste the code in an HTML editor... I recommend http://htmledit.squarefree.com, which is a great tool where you can see your changes as you go.

4. Trim the code!
Cut out pretty much the first half of the code, up to <embed type= Everything you see highlighted in blue below can be cut out:

5. Find where the code says FLASHVARS and go to the end of the string of variables (screenshot below)
To remove the header when your question is part of your skin, add &head=0. To push the answers and comment/vote bar up or down any number of pixels, use variations of these tags: &tpad=75 (pushes down 75 pixels from the top) or &bpad=50 (pushes up 50 pixels from the bottom). For example:

6. Add a table and border.
Enclosing it in a table is important - this will fix footer which might have gone crazy in your other adjustments. Note: The footer contains our link back so please don't remove it! The border is optional, but we used it to add the thick orange stripe per your branding. You can change the number of colors and thickness of the borders as well:

Paste at beginning of code:
Paste at end of code: