Surveys: What Are They?

Ever thought about creating a custom survey for your site or business? Surveys are an extremely useful tool for gathering information using a series of questions or questionnaire to gather data about attitudes and behaviors.

In addition to mapping and geographic surveys, surveys are often used in consumer research to gauge the opinions of current and potential customers, or whatever public sample is used to fill out the survey.  The response rate on your survey can depend on the content you include in it and where you choose to proliferate your survey.  

Many companies that create surveys for market research pay people who fill them out, or give them another kind of incentive to complete the survey. It's even possible to make filling out surveys online a career, or part time supplemental income.


People also often like using surveys for fun online viral activities. Surveys are a great way to share information with your friends, whether by email (like chain surveys) or in bulletins or embedded on your social networking sites. However you choose to use a survey, it's a great way to get to know your friends better and to let them get to know you.  It's fun and easy to fill out surveys online and come up with creative survey answers. Creating custom surveys is a fun and simple way to update your blog or favorite online space, whether the survey is just for fun or for professional purposes. There is probably no quicker and easier way to gain quantifiable data and answers than through an online survey!

Featured Questions

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            - When you die, what do you want played as
               your funeral song?
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