The Tablet Wars Heat Up: Do Consumers Want to Play with Fire?

SodaHead.com Reveals Results of Consumer Poll on iPad vs. Kindle Fire

Encino, CA, October 5, 2011 – SodaHead.com, the web’s largest opinion-based social community, today announced the results of a consumer poll detailing the public’s thoughts on the latest entrant into the tablet wars – the Amazon Kindle Fire. Overall, the results indicate that some segments of the population are eager for a new/cheaper device, while others are still devoted to the iPad.

With the Kindle Fire announcement last week, there was significant marketplace buzz that the device may be the first tablet to have a serious chance of threatening the dominance of Apple’s iPad. However, a recent poll conducted by SodaHead found that 61 percent of respondents believe that the iPad will maintain its leadership position, while only 39 percent think that the new device from Amazon will catch “fire” and become the tablet of choice. An infographic with the poll results is available here.

SodaHead iPad vs. Kindle Fire Poll Results

The SodaHead-sponsored poll also revealed some surprising results based on consumers’ age and income level.. Specifically, those aged 45 and below favor the iPad over the Kindle Fire by a 66 percent to 34 percent ratio, while respondents who are over 45 believe the Kindle Fire may be the device for them by a 51 percent to 49 percent ratio. This indicates that the Kindle Fire’s low price point of $199 may be appealing to those who are on a tighter budget as they get older. Where income levels are concerned, the poll indicates that those making over $100,000 per year are not even considering the Kindle Fire. In a landslide, 94 percent making more than $100K still want an iPad, while only 6 percent in that high income bracket want a Kindle Fire. On the other end of the income spectrum, for those making $25K or less per year, 73 percent want an iPad, and 37 percent prefer the Kindle Fire. For those in the middle income range of $25K - $100K – which encompasses the majority of the nation – the results were much closer with only 54 percent still wanting the iPad while 46 percent are ready to try the new, and less expensive, Kindle Fire.

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