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SodaHead.com Surpasses 1 Million Registered Users : Opinion Community Site Shows the Power of Social Expression

LOS ANGELES November 11, 2008 -- SodaHead.com announced today it has surpassed 1 million registered users since it officially launched in September 2007. SodaHead has recorded more than 5 million votes and 8 million comments, making SodaHead a leading opinion community focused on discussing today's hottest topics. People have found they can express their opinions on SodaHead while making their voices heard.

“This is a testament to the power of social expression and the importance of exchanging ideas and opinions,” says Jason Feffer, co-founder and CEO. “People are looking for a safe and fun place to express their ideas and meet other people to build a conversation. SodaHead is truly becoming the opinion community of the Internet,” added Michael Glazer, co-founder and president.

“We're excited that SodaHead has succeeded in creating and fostering a rich social media experience that has attracted more than a million individuals expressing and gathering opinions. We see tremendous opportunity for continued growth and reach,” said Erik Straser, Mohr Davidow Ventures.

Mission Ventures led the Series B round of $8.4 million with co-investor Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV) in June 2008. MDV led the Series A round of $4.3 million with other investors, including Tech Coast Angels and Ron Conway in October 2006.

About SodaHead.com:

SodaHead is a community that offers a free and dynamic environment to share and gather opinions and meet friends – a place to ask questions, express ideas, and connect with like and not-so-like friends…SodaHeads, as we call them. SodaHeads are opinionated, outspoken and creative web users. They vote on, comment on, and debate about topics ranging from music, movies, and celeb gossip to politics, religion, technology and business. Anyone can be a SodaHead: you, your best friend, your grandma, your favorite band or your favorite blogger. You don't need to be an expert…just a real person who wants to meet people and let the world know what's bubbling in your head. Everyone with something to say belongs on SodaHead.