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It’s the final stretch of the 2008 Presidential Election, but you don’t have to wait until Nov. 4th to make your voice heard. We want your opinion on all the top political issues, controversial news topics, juicy celeb gossip and more.

Share your opinion on Nov. 4th at the polls, and all year round on SodaHead!

And for those of you who are tired of the election... it's almost over.

Find Your Political Match!

Think no one understands your take on political topics? Still not sure who to vote for? Take the SodaHead Political Match Quiz and find out which other SodaHeads share your opinions and which candidate is your best Political Match, only on SodaHead!

SodaHead Calls the Election!

The SodaHeads have spoken! Over 108,000 of you have voted for your candidate of choice on SodaHead. We’ve sliced and diced the data to give you an exclusive outline of just who is voting for Obama and who is voting for McCain. Who do singles and divorcees prefer? How do our battleground state users lean? View the stats and find out!

Hot New Discussions

Should felons have the right to vote? Share your opinion on who should determine your future.

Barack Obama vs John McCain... Dance Battle?? The video poll to end all video polls...

Tampa Bay Rays or Philadelphia Phillies? We're still rooting for the Dodgers.

Stay tuned to SodaHead for more great discussions on the issues that matter to you - political and beyond. Update your profile, find opinionated friends and get into heated debates, and let us know what's bubbling in your head??

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