SodaHead has become the leading discussion community on the Internet, thanks to our opinionated and diverse users. That's why we've used your feedback for the changes you see today.

Meet real people discussing your questions, your opinions, your world on the new SodaHead!
Change the way you read and interact with the news you care about! SodaHead is bringing the most discussed news on the Internet to you. Use the red News tab or category links to find and discuss breaking stories. While there, use the Discuss It button to comment, click Ask a Question to create a discussion or click Blog This News! No matter how you choose to interact, your discussion will become related to the news article on SodaHead.
SodaHead content is just as diverse as SodaHead users. The new category links in the navigation bar make it easier to find questions, news and blogs about your passions. Look for featured discussions that have us buzzing at the SodaHead watercooler under each category. Yours could be next!
Ask it! Bar
Your questions are the bread and butter of SodaHead. The new Ask it! bar puts you one step closer to getting opinions about the questions on your mind. To create a question or poll, you can now type it right into the Ask It bar at the top of any page and watch your question come to life!
Dashboard is still the spot to adjust your account settings and check new activity on your content, groups or discussions. You can now access Dashboard from the top right, under “Hello, (your name)!” next to Mail and Help links.
Customizing your profile is now as easy as viewing your profile! All editing tools are available on your profile page, which is accessed by clicking on “Hello, (your name).” Update your profile by clicking the “Edit” button on the top right corner of each module like Profile and About Me. To change your background and colors, use the “Customize Your Profile” also located on your profile.
Related Questions and news stories are now located on all Question Snapshot and News Snapshot pages to the right of the poll or story. Use these suggestions to quickly find the best content about your favorite topics.
New Avatars! We’ve had our facelift, now it’s your turn. If you have a generic SodaHead icon as your image, why not replace it? Click the down arrow next to Dashboard in the top right corner of the page, then choose Manage Media. Upload pictures of yourself and click “Set as Profile Pic” above the one you want to be your new default image (avatar).

More Tricks and Shortcuts: We know you’ll love the faster, sleeker, new SodaHead! Try some of these tips to help you adjust to the new look.
Purple -> Purple is used for Questions
Red -> Red is used for News stories
Teal -> Teal is used for Blogs
Down Arrows (Upside Down Triangles) -> Click these to unroll a menu of options on any feature with a down arrow icon
Hovering -> Hover your mouse over any SodaHead’s avatar to make their Rave, Comment and Answer stats will appear. Click the down arrow to unroll a menu with more options for interacting with the user.

Discuss it: Join with other SodaHeads in the SodaHead Groupies Discussion about the new site design.