SodaHead is shaking things up with some exciting new enhancements!

The latest changes highlight the very best content from our users and established bloggers, with a focus on hot topics, raging discussions and fresh perspectives.

Here's your guide to what's new, what's improved, and what's shaking on SodaHead!

We're changing the way we bring you breaking news with SodaHead Originals, original and exclusive blogs, questions and columns published everyday by a diverse roster of elite bloggers and writers from all over the web. Get to know the SH Originals staff writers and dive into some of their latest discussions, featured daily on the homepage and each category.

Your superstar discussions get the spotlight with SodaStars, a daily showcase of the best and brightest blogs and questions created by you.

Our editorial staff will be scouting for top-notch, provocative content. You can also nominate content worthy of SodaStardom, including your own. Look out for handpicked SodaStars on the homepage and each category, and click here to start nominating.

Reporting the news just isn't as exciting as debating it, so our news section has signed off for good.

You can still submit news and article URLs, but it's now part of the question/blog creation process, which means we want your original take instead some journalist's. No character limits, no copy/paste, and no need to reserve your own opinion for the comments.

If you don't have a nose for submitting news, you'll hardly notice the optional URL field when creating your own questions or blogs. You will notice better quality content on the site: rather than finding 20 articles on the same story, you'll find 20 unique, original takes on the article in the form of questions and blogs.

Hot topics sometimes lead to an opinion overload! Topic pages are a helpful new way for us to round up all the provocative opinions and discussions related to the issues that have the world buzzing right now.

Breaking news, trends, and hot topics can be found in the red Hot Discussions bar at the top of the page. Click on a topic that you're interested in to a page archiving all the discussions related to it.

In addition to launching these new features, we've revamped, polished, tuned-up and tightened tons of other features!
Creating Questions & Blogs

We gave the original dynamic discussion duo a bit of a makeover. You can now create a blog or ask a question from the same Create page, using the tabs to designate the type of discussion you're creating. Other new and useful features include the option to add an image or video when creating blogs just as you do for questions, and the optional article URL field for referencing related news stories.

Snapshot Pages Updated

We shuffled around our snapshot pages a bit to better display the most useful tools and links. We moved the share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, SodaHeads, Widget, etc) from the sidebar to a convenient central location and related content is now displayed horizontally above the comments.

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