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Multi-Platform Custom Polls

SodaHead's robust polling platform enables broadcasters, digital publishers and advertisers to quickly engage their target audience across multiple platforms, creating a dynamic and compelling television, web, social, and second-screen polling experience.

Users interact with polls via web, mobile, TV and social touch points. All votes are rolled up into one unified results set, complete with rich demographic data and accompanied by custom reporting tools.

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Site integration is easy using SodaHead's back-end polling technology, with options to create unique user interface or leverage SodaHead's customizable poll widget.


Bridge the gap; your viewers are already watching TV with their laptops, tablets and mobile devices at hand. Amplify your ratings with instant audience answers and feedback with polls "on the fly."


Seamlessly integrate and enhance your mobile app with SodaHead polls. Create unique polling experiences that allow for real-time audience participation, from the convenience of a mobile device.


SodaHead's social polling provides marketers with the industry’s leading polling platform for publishing and sharing content, as well as immediate user engagement, and quick opinion collection on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others.

Content Management System

Publish polls across multiple properties and platforms.

SodaHead's fully customizable polling content management system is the ultimate framework for creating, publishing, managing, and analyzing opinion polls.

  • Easily create polls with unlimited answer choices, images and videos
  • Simultaneously publish polls to Web, Mobile, TV and Facebook
  • Schedule follow-up polls, based off users answers and feedback
  • Search, sort, and filter through polls
  • Manage editorial access levels and affiliation

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Featured Partners

SodaHead teamed up with ESPN to support the entirety of their its digital polling strategy. SodaHead was also able to implement polling solutions for SportsNation, College Football Live, X Games and #Redes.

The Los Angeles Times approached SodaHead to develop a major custom polling interface and poll widget, connecting users to the top trending stories of the day across its digital platform.

Fox News worked with SodaHead to re-energize their polling initiatives across Projects included development of custom APIs and mapping integration.

The NBA's Orlando Magic and SodaHead created a ranking application for Magic fans to vote on the team's new dance squad.

Telepictures called upon SodaHead to support ts social polling initiatives across several media properties, including Anderson Live and Let's Ask America.

SodaHead worked with ABC News/Good Morning America to develop a multitude of polling products, including Facebook polls, mobile polling integration, and custom web polls.


Don't reinvent the wheel -- SodaHead has already built the most advanced and powerful voting architecture around.

Create a custom polling experience, designed uniquely for your users, with SodaHead support standing by. SodaHead's polling API goes anywhere you want, be it web, mobile, or Facebook. Users of SodaHead's APIs will be able to perform functions, like:

  • Use current front-end implementation
  • Get rich demographic data
  • Retrieve questions and answer choices
  • Display images associated with questions and answers
  • Retrieve absolute totals, per answer and overall
  • Geolocate per answer choice
  • Get polls by SodaHead's "hot" score, by author, and by topic

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Measure and understand audience voting engagement and trends with SodaHead Metrics.

We neatly aggregate and organize result sets into digestible chunks of data, as votes pour in from web, mobile, TV and social platforms.

Demographic data is captured on all poll results including:

Religious Views
Political Views
Employment Status
Sexual Orientation
Career Industry
Relationship Status
Weight Type

Demographic data obtained from multiple sources including non PII audience extension tracking data from Lotame, the leader in audience intelligence data.

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Poll engagement Gender breakdown Age range segmentation Social voting stats Votes by geolocation

SodaHead is the premier opinion-based community where visitors discover, debate, and discuss today's hottest issues. With 6-10 million monthly visits, SodaHead users share their unique views on breaking news, hot topics and controversial issues and a diverse panel of staff writers provide original and exclusive content daily.

With that many angles, the discussions on SodaHead will open your eyes to a panoramic view of your world that you won't get anywhere else, allowing you to see the big picture and discuss it.

Mingle with SodaHeads who share your opinions and interests, or agree to disagree with those who don't. Whether you're looking to connect or clash, share knowledge or get enlightened, you'll discover new views and perspectives everyday from the friendly SodaHead community.

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From tech gurus to successful media veterans, SodaHead's diverse and highly skilled team offers years of professional experience, with just the right amount of unique vision to offer a fresh perspective to any company.

One thing we all have in common, is that we’re passionate about delivering large-scaled engagement solutions, benefiting media companies and brand with their millions of users.

Jason Feffer Founder

Jason has three decades of leadership in interactive entertainment and online advertising. Jason eats, drinks, breathes and dreams of exciting ways to monetize content... ranging from polls to video.

Just before founding SodaHead, Jason was the Vice President of Operations and served on the executive committee of MySpace. Jason was instrumental in launching MySpace in 2003 and helped to grow its membership to 100 million users, and even transitioned its operations through the acquisition by News Corp. Jason oversaw the day-to-day and strategic execution of advertising, revenue reporting, policy enforcement and government relations.

In 1999, Jason joined his first dot-com start-up, Creative Planet where he led the technology efforts of two dozen Web sites to generate advertising revenue from a loyal readership of several hundred thousand film and television professionals. Prior to his career in dot-com start-ups, Jason worked in the video game industry at Activision and Davidson & Associates and independent filmmaking.

Jason is a native of Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1993.

Michelle Fergason Publisher Operations, Director

After graduating from Azusa Pacific University with a Master's degree in Management, Michelle joined the SodaHead team and helped develop the Pollware product. She now manages the on-boarding process for new Pollware clients, acts as the liaison between publishers and advertisers, and identifies and reaches out to prospective clients. Once Pollware goes live on a client's site, Michelle is their go-to person for reporting, optimizing and keeping up with product updates.

Prior to Pollware, Michelle curated content for the SodaHead music and fashion channels, and did advertising sales. In her free time she is an active member of Fair Trade LA and works with women in Los Angeles who have been rescued out of human trafficking. Michelle founded The Tote Project with her best friend to also help this charitable effort. In addition to her Master’s degree, Michelle also has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University.

Adriana Dermenjian Editorial Director

Graduating from the University of Southern California with a Master's degree in Journalism, Adriana works as the Editorial Director for Managing content from a team of freelance writers, media partners and staff on a daily basis, Adriana oversees all editorial content and sets the overall editorial tone on the website. She also manages all of SodaHead's social media outreach -- including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest -- and sends out a daily newsletter to SodaHead users.

Adriana is integral in crafting and maintaining the voice of SodaHead, from a front-end perspective. Keeping in mind the personality of SodaHead users and the branding of the multiple media partners she works with, Adriana is able to preserve both voices harmoniously on the site, in turn enhancing the SodaHead experience for anyone who stumbles upon the site.

Prior to SodaHead, Adriana has also worked with popular publications like "Los Angeles Magazine" and “Time Out Hong Kong." In addition to her Master’s degree in Journalism, Adriana also has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Political Science from Loyola Marymount University.


Mohr Davidow Ventures

For more than 25 years, the Mohr Davidow team has invested in early stage startups and worked closely with exceptional entrepreneurs to create venture returns by developing and bringing to market new, technology-based ideas, products and services. The firm invests in companies that transform industries whether through better infrastructure for our rapidly evolving data-intensive digital world, more efficient power for our planet, or better, more personalized medicine.

Mission Ventures

Mission Ventures helps build successful enterprises in Southern California and creates superior returns on investment for its investors. This is accomplished by investing in the most promising early-stage companies in high growth, emerging markets, and providing significant assistance to those companies as they develop.

Tech Coast Angels

Tech Coast Angels is the largest angel investor group in the United States. Its members provide funding and guidance to more early-stage, high-growth companies in Southern California than any other investment group. TCA members invest in companies in a wide range of industries, including the life sciences, biotech, IT, services, retail, Internet, financial, software, media, consumer products and tech startups. TCA members give companies more than just capital; they also provide counsel, mentoring and access to an extensive network of potential investors, customers, strategic partners and management talent.

Ron Conway

Ron Conway is an American angel investor, often described as one of the "super angels". Conway is recognized as a strong networker and is based in Silicon Valley. As founder and Managing Partner of the Angel Investors LP funds, he was an early stage investor in Google, Ask Jeeves and PayPal. He began investing independently in 2005, and by 2006 had already achieved sixth place in the Forbes Magazine Midas list of top "dealmakers".


SodaHead's Ad-Supported Pollware On Over 100 Websites

Publishers Vote "Yes" on Ad-Supported Polling. Pollware serves over 1,000,000 daily impressions on over 100 websites including The Christian Post, Maxim,, Shmoop, Lakers Nation, and Latin Post. more...

SodaHead Launches Pollware: Ad-Supported Polling

Bloggers and websites can earn money using Pollware and benefit from its advanced polling features including maps and demographics. more...

Social Media Company SodaHead: Politics, People Power Opinions

Elections, it can be argued, are the ultimate expressions of opinion surveys; Republican caucus-goers in Iowa recently shared their thoughts on who should carry the party banner in 2012, and New Hampshire’s voters are next. Social Media is also along for this ride – the same user-generated opinions that power social media marketing with customer recommendations. more...

Infographic: Internet Gives a Huge Thumbs Down to Facebook Redesign

Do we like the new Facebook redesign? The Internet's answer is a resounding "No!" Well, at least that's the response from over 1,000 people surveyed by Sodahead, whose results show that an overwhelming 86 percent of users said that Facebook should lose the changes and revert to the old format. more...

SodaHead Launches Web’s Most Detailed Polling Analytics

The introduction of Advanced Voting Demographics represents yet another milestone for SodaHead. This level of data segmentation has never before been available for consumer facing polls,” said Chris Dominguez, CEO of SodaHead. more...

Socializing on SodaHead

SodaHead CEO Jason Feffer discusses what distinguishes SodaHead from other social networking websites. more...

At, Advertisers Pay to Ask Questions

But the real advertising innovation from Sodahead is its ability to target ads to members based on their responses to questions. Recently, it helped Kohl's promote a new style of jeans by asking a question. more...

SodaHead Grows From Polls To Conversations

You may know SodaHead for the embeddable polling widgets it has offered for years, but the company has been steadily turning itself into a destination site where people can ask questions and discuss issues of the day. more...

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SodaHead Wants to Know What Questions are "Bubbling In Your Head"

If you took the time to write down every thought that bubbled up in your head, how long would the list be by the end of the day? Stepping out of the bounds of a traditional social network, is asking everyone a very important question more...

SodaHead Solution For Social Media Marketing

If Jason Feffer was a preacher, the former MySpace executive would have a following as large as any evangelist out there. more... slurps up $8.4 million

Its name might be wacky, but some investors with deep pockets think it's the real thing:, a polling and answers site, announced Wednesday that it has raised $8.4 million in Series B venture funding. more...

Polling Startup SodaHead Raises $8.4 Million

Polls are popular on the Web because they are interactive without requiring too much effort. more...

Site Asks, Then Aggregates, an opinion-based social networking site, is being used by a growing number of entertainment and music brands — including 50 Cent, My Chemical Romance, All-American Rejects, Aly & AJ and Plain White T's — to interact with their fans and create greater brand loyalty. more...

Take the Lead: Geek-Free Technology

An example is Jason Feffer, 36, former vice president of operations for MySpace. He recently launched SodaHead, a new website for do-it-yourself polls, or "social voting," that helps people connect with others and compare opinions. more...

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