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SodaHead is the largest opinion-based social community with over 10MM monthly uniques, where visitors discover, debate, and discuss today's hottest issues. We're ranked high in the top 500 Web sites by ComScore and Quantcast, and we're still growing.

  • 10+ million monthly unique visitors
  • 1+ million monthly mobile pageviews
  • 130 million monthly ad impressions
  • 1 million opt-in email subscribers

What makes SodaHead unique is our engagement hook where in addition to the IAB ads, we offer a sponsorship program that allows you to engage users with fun poll questions and comment threads that are meaningful to your brand, in a tone that really connects with today’s youth. Our creative team will develop a custom poll that allows you to have a conversation with young consumers.

We give consumers an outlet to create content and talk about something they're passionate about, while the brand participates in a non-intrusive way allowing the consumers to have an authentic conversation.

After you browse the sample implementations below, click here to see an Engagement page that ran for 24 hrs.