Polls: Where Do They Come From?

Creating online polls is an excellent way to find out what your friends and family think about different topics! The first known opinion poll occurred in 1824. Opinion polls are traditionally used as surveys of public opinion from a particular sample used for polling.

Since polls are based on samples or populations they are subject to sampling error within the polls. One way to reduce the margin of error is using a larger sample. Presidential forecasting is often used with polls as well, especially with polling organizations like the Gallup poll. Some people argue that polls influence opinion due to their bandwagon effect, but polls remain an effective tool in surveying public opinion.

Polls are also lots of fun to use online! To spruce up your online space, it’s a good idea to create a poll for your favorite social networking site, blog, website, or anywhere else you want to embed the poll. We have polls covering a range of topics including politics, sports, music, celebrities, current events, controversial issues and more.

You can also create and customize your own polls! When creating polls, think of a topic you’re interested in, like your favorite bands or your political opinion, anything that would be fun for polling your friends. Write a poll around that topic, coming up with answers in the poll, and be sure to include other options like ‘undecided’ or ‘all of the above’ so people responding to the poll can fill in their own poll responses. Some of the best polls are the simplest polls, like polls about political candidates or polls about sports teams. Online polling and poll widgets are the hottest trends online right now. You’ve probably even seen polls on your friends’ pages already. Adding polls to your social network is a great way to interact with your friends and family and engage in heated debates within the polls.

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