What We Do

SodaHead is part of the Prodege, LLC network. Prodege, is a leading Internet and media company that operates multiple customer engagement brands.

SodaHead helps publishers meet the rapidly changing landscape of digital media. SodaHead serves over 100 million polls per month to nearly 50 million visitors on dozens of websites via its products, Ad Solutions, Pollware and SaaS Enterprise Polling.

Our Story

SodaHead created Pollware by flipping the traditional SaaS model on its head. Pollware’s ad-supported polling pays publishers who use SodaHead’s services rather than charging them for it. This disruptive concept evolved over eight years of developing online polling for web communities and digital publishers.

SodaHead.com was founded in 2007 as an opinion-based community. By 2011, 10 million people visited the website every month to vote on polls, debate and speak their minds.

Starting in 2012, SodaHead’s polling technology earned the attention of premier media companies like ESPN, Fox News, Warner Bros., and the Los Angeles Times. SodaHead crafted SaaS solutions to help these publishers engage their audiences, collect data and provide custom advertising opportunities.

SodaHead created Pollware to help smaller publishers that could not afford traditional SaaS fees. Pollware now enables Publishers of all sizes to engage their audiences and earn revenue with the web’s premier polling solution. Over 1,000 websites use SodaHead’s free ad-supported polling.

In 2014 Prodege raised $60 million from Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), and soon thereafter acquired SodaHead. Prodege and SodaHead now offer one of the most robust and comprehensive technologies available in the consumer polling industry, serving on hundreds of websites and generating over 500 million poll impressions every month.

The Team