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I am. am very open-hearted person. I follow my heart more than I should. What's taught is a lot of lessons that could have only been learned the hard way. I am most of the time a nice person, but if you get into my face, or all up on my boy/girl, I'll take your *** down. I am DEFINATELY a very big pervert. I don't know how I gained this vulgar mind,but it's there now. I live my life by MY rules and limits, since I am the only one who knows them the best. I believe in no God. I do not believe on a person the with that much responsibility and power. We all just needed some happy ending to believe in and that's how religon was born. Well, I don't live my life by what death will be like. I live MY life MY way, so that when my tim ecomes it came the way I wanted it to without any regrets. To sum things up, here: I am a person with a MIND, VOICE, and HEAERT that chooses to use them all at once... Ohhhh maaannnnnn here we go again... I've had one of everything. A player, a cheater, stuck-up ***wipes, I have all had the wrongs and I think it's time a right came walking into my life. You don't know how bad I want someone to love me for who I am, bt for some reason, I guess that's too difficult for all of you. They see me as a vagina in Skinny Jeans, or brag right. As it seems every tim eI try to search I get ***ed over. So my search is up to my "Mr. Right" to come find me. I'm no High School fling, or a Short Time Booty call. I want real love, if only the right one could come into the picture. So here it is I'm stating it. I know my Mr. Right is out there somewhere, and I have to wait. Wait until he strolls around the Corner. Until Then, I am stuck waiting. ♥ To My Haters and Non-believers To everyone that hates me and doesn't think I'm real- I am aware that some people don't like my stlye, my personality, etc. Well, that's just A-OKAY. You don't have to dress or act a certain way. It's just the way I chose to rock it. :). I do get hatemail/and "ur a fake" mail frequently. I just think it's a waste of time for me and the ones who write/wrote it. Most of the time I laugh at your feeble attempts to try to insult me. In life it is true that everyone has an opinion abtou you, but the only opinion that matters, is my own. I am not going to message you back, yelling at you or calling you names. Because I know that I'm way better then that. I have more cl*** So it really is just a waste of your time. There will be not one second that I will take your opinion in consideration. I don't care. I have basically been called everything in the book: , ***y ***, fat, ***, weird, etc. I know who I am and I am none of the above. So before you click the message or comment button, with the intention of insulting me think in your head, "Wow. I really have nothing better to do with my life than try to isult someone over the internet." You will realize how pathetic you are. - Savannah Felica Abney Jordan.

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BOTDF, drag queens, my fans, other awesome people, Hailey rae. This is my SH bestie, Vicereine Killbride. You may not know it yet, but she's perfect! Because shes just liikke me!! lol hailey rae sh bestie vicereine killbride shes shes liikke lol


Modeling and concerts.


Hair dye, BOTDF, dancing, music, eyeliner, modeling, models, hairspray, my fans.

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BOTDF, jeffree star, avenged sevenfold, bullet for my vallntine, techno, dubstep, and much more!

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Haaiii, wassup!

Favorite Heroes

My mamma! And mah fans!


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